Cheers To The Top Four as hometowns are getting closer

Cheers To The Top Four as hometowns are getting closer

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Australia There were toasts, decelerations and a farewell.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but only when it’s served to you by a dreamy bachelor. Arriving at the mansion with groceries in hand, Locky was ready to lift the mood and make the ladies breakfast.

As they gathered to eat, Osher announced that to commemorate The Bachelor Australia experience drawing to a close, the ladies would be proposing a toast to Locky and the future they hoped to build together.

Irena and Izzy, who both struggled to let their walls down, saw this as the perfect opportunity to show Locky how they were truly feeling. Although Irena’s sincere words moved Locky to tears, Bella’s toast made a lasting impression, and earnt her the last single date of the season.

On their date, Bella and Locky practiced the art of Kintsugi. Drawing parallel to their own relationship, Bella and Locky smoothed out the rough edges of a broken ceramic, and put everything back together to look better than before. Deciding to put the drama of the last cocktail party behind them, Bella admitted she was falling in love with Locky, where she was thanked with a kiss and a rose.

Arriving at the cocktail party, rose in hand, Bella was glowing. Still on a high, Bella told the other girls how magical her date was, and even snuck away for a mid-cocktail party pash with Locky.

Seeing how head-over-heels Bella was, left Irena heartbroken, and made her question whether she should even stay at the mansion. Feeling Locky had slipped away, Irena was uneasy, and not sure if her and Locky’s connection was real, or if she’d even receive a rose.

In the end, it was Kaitlyn who did not receive a rose and left the mansion.

Next week, our top four ladies; Bec, Bella, Irena and Izzy, invite Locky to meet their loved ones.