Double dates and first departures

Double dates and first departures

Love bubbles burst in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife.

After the farmers spent a romantic 24 hours with their first solo dates, the remaining partners arrived to explore their new homes for the next six weeks, but couldn’t help noticing the connection their farmers had already made.

Farmer Benjamin took his ladies for a birds-eye view of the farm he hoped would be home to one of them, even before they had a chance to unpack. 

Farmer Will organised some clean country fun and a dip in the dam for his ladies; while Farmers Ben, Harry and Paige wasted no time putting their partners to work to find out how they would react to farm life.

Later in the evening, the farmers treated their partners to a home-cooked country meal. Things took an interesting turn at Harry’s farm when his first solo date, 23-year-old student pilot Gabrielle, felt pressured to tell Harry about her conversation with the other ladies at Hunter Valley. 

Gabrielle told the ladies that she wasn’t sure about Harry and would leave the next day before agreeing to join him on the farm for their 24-hour date. This made Harry doubtful about Gabrielle’s intentions going forward. 

During the dinner, the farmers received a letter from host Natalie Gruzlewski instructing them to choose two partners to spend the whole next day with, before making the tough decision about sending one of them home. 

The next morning one of Farmer Paige’s partners, 36-year-old handyman Marty, farewelled the farm due to illness. With one less suitor, Paige decided not to send any of her men home and spent the day getting to know 29-year-old carpenter, Dylan, and 30-year-old electrician, James.  

Farmer Harry was joined by Gabrielle and 22-year-old artist, Elise, for a hike. Despite choosing her, Harry admitted: “It’s safe to say Gabrielle has fallen from the top spot. If you had asked me 48 hours before, I wouldn’t have chosen her because I felt we were pretty solid. But when she told me she wanted to go home, it made me question she might not be in the long haul.”

Farmer Benjamin and his two ladies: 37-year-old fitness trainer, Jen, and 33-year-old interior designer, Courtney, spent the day with his sheep. Jen, who felt uncomfortable being on a double date with Benjamin, said: “I’m feeling quite overwhelmed by the whole situation. I think it’s making me take a little step back and just realise that Jen and Benjamin have one of the strongest connections.”

In order to make the right decision at the end of the day, Farmer Ben approached his date with 24-year-old vet nurse, Lauren, and 29-year-old recruitment consultant, Renee, with a clear agenda. “With Renee, I’m definitely weighing up whether there is a connection there more than just friendship. With Lauren, I’m weighing up whether she’s ever going to feel comfortable enough to come out of the nervous little shell,” he said.

“I chose Keely because I feel like she’s still in a shell little bit and I chose Sahara because she really intrigues me but I don’t know if there’s a spark there,” Farmer Will said about his decision to choose 24-year-old personal assistant, Keely, and 25-year-old maritime personnel operator, Sahara.

After spending quality time with their chosen two, Farmers Ben, Harry, Will and Benjamin farewelled the partner they couldn’t see a future with.

Partners farewelled tonight:

Farmer Ben: Renee

Farmer Benjamin: Courtney

Farmer Harry: Elise

Farmer Paige: Marty*

Farmer Will: Sahara

* Marty walked out due to illness


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