The Block teams start to feel the strain of the competition

The Block teams start to feel the strain of the competition

It’s (supposed to) be waterproof Wednesday on The Block, as our contestants continue building their guest bedroom and bathroom. 

All the rooms must be double insulated to be compliant with the 7 Star energy rating on The Block. 

Rachel and Ryan’s builder Matt gets a call from Liam, Ankur and Sharon’s builder, with Liam saying he wishes they could swap contestants. 

Sharon is really upset with what is going on with her builder, as tension continues to escalate. She is in tears, she believes they are trying so hard, but they are exhausted. She feels Liam is too direct. She says she hates it on The Block, and Ankur agrees. He has had enough too. 

Tom and Foreman Keith have a little run-in over insulation but soon get over it, the bromance is back. 

Sharon leaves The Block again, she is really struggling with the reality of The Block including the TV side of things. She feels she is being set up to be broken. 

Our contestants wake up and it’s challenge day. Dressed in race suits, the contestants head to nearby Woodend for a topiary challenge. Once again it’s Tom and Sarah-Jane who come up in front and win the challenge. 

Ankur and Sharon decide to stop and have a little sleep on the way back to The Block, arriving back two hours after the challenge ends. They say they were getting kitchen consults, but it appears they were just taking a nap. Builder Liam isn’t happy as all the other contestants are already back and working. 

Omar and Oz have major tiling issues, they are down a tiler because of Covid. They go to the Cursio brothers, who are working on Scotty’s house and beg them for their help. 

Dylan and Jenny and Oz and Omar’s tiles are mixed up. House 5 are having a terrible day. 

Keith asks builder Liam where Ankur and Sharon are and they finally come home, after getting a call from a producer. 

But all is not well in House No.3, storm clouds are gathering..