Derek Kickett Has Been Ejected From The Aussie Jungle.

Derek Kickett Has Been Ejected From The Aussie Jungle.

He made eating bull penis, goat testicle and cow urine look like a breeze. Three weeks in a sleeping bag with the constant threat of a snake wondering in, well that was a five star hotel. Sadly AFL legend, and all round nice guy, Derek Kickett, has been ejected from his dream holiday, aka the Aussie jungle.

He went in to the jungle hoping to inspire, but he did so much more than that. Derek inspired a country as he opened up about racism in sport, the ongoing systemic racism in Australia, his job as a cultural liaison officer in the justice system and his dream of opening a rehabilitation farm to give Aboriginal prisoners the support they need after incarceration.

The episode went something like this. After three weeks in the jungle, emotions were running high. In a touching moment, the celebrities received special messages from loved ones back home. We’re not crying, we just have a bit of dunny juice in our eyes.

To bring us back to the land of LOL’s, we dressed the celebrities in giant pieces of bread in the trial, Flying Sausages. Brooke, Nathan, Emily and Poh had to answer a multiple-choice question about previous trials. Dressed as bread, they were then flung in to the air, suspended by a crane, and had to keep hold of a giant sausage. The celeBREADies came away with 10 out of 10 stars.

Nathan Buckley hasn’t seen many wooden spoons in his career, but if you are cooking and you lick the camp’s communal wooden spoon, you best be ready for a stern talking to from coach, which is exactly what happened to Joey Essex. 

When it was time for the elimination challenge, Derek, Tottie and Emily were the least accurate at walking a giant ball for 25 meters. The next challenge was to guess how many eels were inside a box. Tottie was safe, however Derek and Emily chose the same number, forcing a tie break by guessing how many eyeballs were in a jar. Sadly, Derek was furthest away and flung into the swamp.

Before Derek left the jungle life, he dobbed in David, Poh and Cal for the next eating trial, plus tomorrow night, another celebrity will be ejected.


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