Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Cast Revealed

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water Cast Revealed

Ahead of its launch next week the Australian Survivor: Blood V Water cast has been announced.

Twenty-four castaways will battle it out alongside a loved one when the unmissable Australian Survivor: Blood V Water 

Siblings, couples, in-laws, and parents and children will all go head-to-head and test the strength of their bonds as they play the world’s toughest game.  

Hailing from Queensland are Advertising Consultant Andy, Stay-At-Home Mum Kate, Tradie Ben, Bio Medical Student Shayelle, Teacher Chrissy, Ex-NRL Player Croc, Project Manager David and Digital Producer Briana. 

Representing Victoria are Warehouse Operator Alex, Drummer Jay, Beautician Amy, Restauranteur Khanh, Landscaper Jordie, Personal Trainer Jordan, Pilot Josh, Ex-Flight Attendant KJ, Company Director Sophie, Ex-SAS Commander Mark, Endurance Athlete Sam and Chiropractor Mel. 

Flying the flag for New South Wales is Speech Pathologist Melissa and representing the ACT is Triathlete Jesse. 

Which of these Castaways will successfully outwit, outplay, outlast and potentially turn on a loved one to claim the title of Sole Survivor 2022?

Meet the Castaways: 


Alex, 26, Warehouse Operator, Victoria

Jay, 34, Drummer, Victoria 

Alex and Jay met after Jay started dating Alex’s sister. Now the pair will put their own relationship through a very unique test. A super fan of the game, Alex wants to fly under the radar secretly making moves, while Jay is relaxed but also determined and competitive.


Amy, 24, Beautician, Victoria

Khanh, 30, Restaurateur, Victoria

Amy and Khanh are set to put their closeness under a microscope.

Charming and disarming, Amy is ready to make a name for herself after living in her older brother’s shadow, while Khanh has a burning desire to win the title of Sole Survivor. And don’t be fooled, he’s willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means he must lie, cheat and steal to get there.


Andy, 49, Advertising Consultant, Queensland

Kate, 46, Stay-At-Home Mum, Queensland

After Kate pushed Andy to apply for Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders, this is Andy’s shot at redemption.

But, Kateis hoping to make her own mark on the game. 

Planning to use his skills as a professional poker player to read people, Andy’s also ready to try and play a more honest, fun, and good-natured game this time around.

Caring and selfless, Kate is used to doing everything for her family but is now taking a chance on herself, determined to make her first time playing the game count.


Ben, 33, Tradie, Queensland

Shayelle, 31, Bio Medical Student, Queensland

Partners Ben and Shayelle realise the value of having each other on their Survivor journeys, especially when the going gets tough. Shay says: “Having him there will be priceless in terms of support. I struggle to not get caught up in my emotions sometimes, so I have to force myself to think my way out it.”

Standing at 6’4”, Ben is a standout in the crowd kind of guy and has a drive to win. He hopes to be a player who is a beast at challenges but also someone the tribe trusts.


Chrissy, 42, Teacher, Queensland

Croc, 41, Ex-NRL Player, Queensland

While Chrissy may not have a lot of Survivor knowledge, she is playing with Croc to keep his dream of being part of the game alive. 

Croc’s strengths in the game will be his observation skills, as well as his brute physical strength. He will build genuine relationships and ascertain what makes people tick, how they behave and then make big moves when the time is right to eliminate his biggest threats. 

Although she may not be a superfan, Chrissy is confident and competitive and wants to prove to her kids that she can do anything and to inspire them to do the same in their lives. 

Father & Daughter  

David, 51, Project Manager, Queensland

Briana, 26, Digital Producer, Queensland

Briana is competing for the title of Sole Survivor alongside her father, David. Briana says her dad is the skull crusher – the guy who is going to lay down the law while she is the entertainer and social butterfly.

As a Project Manager at a construction firm, David knows himself to be very strategic. He believes in getting the lay of the land, being flexible and making tough ruthless calls when need be. Survivor is Briana’s dream, but one David is more than happy to follow.  


Jesse, 22, Triathlete, ACT

Jordie, 25, Landscaper, Victoria

Jesse has a tight bond with his older brother, Jordie who is playing alongside him and although the two claim to be polar opposites of each other, they are dedicated to becoming the perfect team. 

As a landscaper by trade, Jordie is used to digging holes and getting himself out of them. And despite the ease of which he makes friends, Jordie knows Survivor is about more than just being mates and is about understanding people on a deeper level.

Jesse enjoys anything that will challenge him, and he will push through any physical or mental boundaries to get there. As a professional triathlete in training, Jesse is used to intense endurance, and he even finds comfort in pain. Although he has a cheeky disposition, he does not take failure lightly.


Jordan, 29, Personal Trainer, Victoria

Josh, 31, Pilot, Victoria

Jordan is playing with his cousin Josh and between the two, Jordan is the one who will be diving in headfirst. Although they are cousins, Jordan and Josh say their relationship is closer than most brothers.

Jordan’s ready to push himself both physically and mentally as far as he can when he hits the mat, to see what he is truly made of. Josh on the other hand, considers himself a Survivor armchair expert and is excited to see if he can execute the physical, social, and strategic gameplay in real life.


KJ, 37, Ex-Flight Attendant, Victoria

Sophie, 31, Company Director, Victoria

As a Survivor super-fan, Kate (KJ) comes armed with the knowledge she has taken on after meticulously watching past seasons, and is excited to play with her younger sister, Sophie.

Two very different people, KJ is hoping to use some of Sophie’s traits to help her in the game as Sophie is a driven businesswoman who doesn’t take no for an answer.

Sophie’s also hoping to use some of KJ’s Survivor super knowledge to help her gain her footing. “I know how wellprepared KJ is so I’ll be going to her for advice, strategy, game play, what I would do in a certain situation.”

Husband & Wife  

Mark, 42, Ex-SAS Commander, Victoria

Sam, 37, Endurance Athlete, Victoria

Mark was last seen on Australian Survivor Season 2, where he formed a power couple with fellow castaway Sam. The two fell in love, were married in 2019 and have a son together.

Last time Mark played Survivor, he thought being fit and strong would be enough to go far in the game, but he quickly realised this was not the case and that his social game would need to improve. He won’t be making the same mistake twice. Sam’s mantra is “composure and calm, this is a marathon not a sprint”, and says she doesn’t have a game play as she wants to adapt to the people she is playing with.

Identical Twins  

Mel, 33, Chiropractor, Victoria

Michelle, 33, Speech Pathologist, NSW

Mel is playing with identical twin sister Michelle, who she shares a “twin connection” with. They’re able to know what each other are thinking and can even feel each other’s pain.

Mel is a Survivor super-fan, who wears her heart on her sleeve but is a keen strategist and loves the psychology behind the game. As a social butterfly, Mel makes friends easily and is planning to make alliance a key part of her game plan. Michelle has built a career on communication and prides herself on catching people out in their lies. As a Speech Pathologist, she is confident her innate understanding of human behaviour will push her to find out what is driving her fellow tribe mates.

Mother & Daughter  

Sandra, 47, Queen of Survivor, USA

Nina, 24, Accounts Clerk, USA

Sandra is a two-time US Survivor winner and now she is ready to take on Australian Survivor and defend her international Survivor throne. Sassy and outspoken and having been a part of US Survivor five times, she is excited to be playing with a family member for the very first time.  While she might be the Queen, Sandra has never played Survivor: Blood V Water and is hoping not to impact Nina’s game. Playing in the shadow of her mother’s Survivor legacy doesn’t intimidate Nina, who is ready for for the challenge

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.  Premieres Monday, 31 January at 7.30pm On 10


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