Freya Enters The Neighbourhood

Freya Enters The Neighbourhood

Just as Neighbours farewelled one character in last night’s episode, tonight some new blood arrives in the hood.

This new blood comes in the form of a mysterious redhead who intrigues Levi (Richie Morris) with some strange behaviour.

Following the storm disaster that destroyed the Flamingo Bar, the redhead credited as Freya (Phoebe Roberts) catches Levi eye as she crosses some police tape and surveys the damage.

While she’s quick to leave the scene, it’s just the beginning as she ends up returning to the disaster scene later, leading to several questions about who she is and why she’s hanging around the remnants of the bar. On top of that, there’s also sparks flying between her and the newly single Constable Canning.

While she’s shrouded in mystery, Phoebe Roberts makes quiet the entrance and will no doubt delight as the mystery unravels over the coming weeks.

Writer Jessica Paine gets to kickstart this mystery with an episode that will delight fans as it also drops some truth bombs on many other Ramsay Street residents.

Ramsay Street won’t know what’s about to hit them, so brace yourselves for this mystery to be uncovered

Neigbours airs 6:30pm Monday-Thursday on 10Peach.


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