David Rodan Wins Dancing With The Stars 2014

After 10 exsilerating weeks Dancing With The Stars has come to a close in a three round battle.

First up it was the Judges Pick, where the judges were tasked with choosing the dance style they wanted each star to revisit. David and Ricki-Lee got proceedings off to a flying start with perfect scores. “That was extraordinary,” Todd McKenney said after David’s Quickstep. “You’re like a professional.” Ricki-Lee’s flawless Paso Doble was described as “sophisticated and sexy” by Kym Johnson. “That was seamless,” she said. Just shy of perfection, Lynne was awarded a 36 for her Jazz routine.


In round two, the stars cut loose in a no-holds-barred freestyle routine. David’s run of perfect scores continued with a Michael-Jackson inspired dance to P.Y.T. “You were electrifying,” Adam Garcia said. Lynne lit up the dance floor scoring 38 for her infectious moves to I Just Wanna Dance. Ricki-Lee received the same score for her red-hot routine to the sounds of Shot Me Down.


After the freestyle round, Rick-Lee was eliminated, leaving David and Lynne to go head-to-head for the title in an encore dance voted by the viewers. In the championship showdown, Lynne re-lived her Blues Brothers Jive to score 36 points. But David was unstoppable, receiving yet another perfect score for his hip hop Cha Cha. “You can be so proud of what you’ve done,” Helen Richey said to him.


Once the judges scores were combined with the viewer vote, the footy star was declared the winner. David has been the dance floor dominator since day one, topping the leaderboard five times this series. He’s been a humble hero from the moment he stepped out on the floor and hailed as a natural by the professionals.


Dancing for Bravehearts, David was left speechless after his win. “I’m very happy,” he said, before being hoisted into the air by his fellow competitors in triumph.


The final scores:


DAVID RODAN & MELANIE HOOPER – 40 + 40 + 40 = 120

LYNNE McGRANGER & CARMELO PIZZINO – 36 + 38 + 36 = 110

RICKI-LEE & JARRYD BYRNE – 40 + 38 = 78