Recipe to Riches goes Bite Sized

Recipe to Riches goes Bite Sized

It is the season for entertaining  and this product is perfect for that. 

Last night’s ’s Recipe To Riches saw Zoe Wombwell serve up the perfect treat for visitors – sausage rolls. Her Sausage Roll Co. Pork, Sage & Macadamia Bites became the sixth product of the series to go on sale nationally in Woolworths stores. 

In an episode that saw the Experts at loggerheads over which two products would go through to the Product Launch stage, Zoe’s sausage rolls battled it out against Maria Malpass’s Eggplant Chutney and Tina Ebejer’s Chicken Nuggets with Hidden Veg. The sausage rolls versus the nuggets was a tightly contested battle.

“I did have some nerves going into the product launch,” says mum-of-one Zoe from Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney. “Tina’s launch was great but people who tasted my wholesome recipe loved them.”

The people in the Woolworths Sensory Kitchen – where all products are taste-tested by consumers – was “blown away” by the sausage rolls, which will be on sale in the deli sections of 900 Woolworths stores from today for the next week.

“It’s quite overwhelming knowing that the likes of Carolyn, Darren, Russel and Woolworths believe in my product,” says Zoe. “My family and friends love them and it seems to be part of the deal that if I get invited somewhere, the sausage rolls have to come too!”

As a category winner, Zoe pockets $10,000 and now has the chance to win $100,000 and a business partnership with Woolworths in the Grand Final.

Recipe to Riches airs 7:30 Tuesday on Ten