Big Brother Final 3 Revealed

Big Brother Final 3 Revealed

Big Brother has found it’s finalists after the show staged it’s first triple eviction.

In Big Brother’s most compelling eviction of the year, Priya, Penny and Lina all left the House – leaving Ryan, Skye and Travis to wait for Australia to vote for who will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 2014 – and take home the $200,000 cash prize.

The night went to original Housemate Priya, who after 79 days away from her husband, family, friends and life as she knew it, was welcomed on stage with a rapturous crowd cheering her name. Priya spoke fondly of her time in the Big Brother House. “I knew this moment would come, I just didn’t know when,” she said.

Lina was the first of the three evictees out and chatted to host Sonia Kruger about her 30- day stint in the Big Brother House. An emotional and overwhelmed Penny made her way to Sonia and said: “It’s really overwhelming. I didn’t expect people to be like this when I got out.”

Tonight at 8.30pm on Channel Nine the winner of Big Brother 2014 will be announced … who will it be?

To Vote for your favourite Housemate to win Big Brother 2014, call the numbers below:

Ryan   1902 55 95 13

Skye    1902 55 95 15

Travis  1902 55 95 16


To vote for your favourite Housemate to win, text one of their names to 199 55 999, only one name by SMS at a time.