Nine in Summer

Nine in summer is a nice balance between old and new.

Among the new content is brand new episodes of Gotham and Person of Interest as well as Mom . The rest of the schedule looks to be filled with repeats.or specials.

Sunday November 30
6:30pm Christmas with the Australian Women’s Weekly
7:30pm 60 Minutes
8:30pm Gotham
9:30pm Movie: Entrapment rpt

Monday December 1
7:30pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
8:00pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
8:30pm Person of Interest
9:30pm Person of Interest
10:30pm Love Child rpt

Tuesday December 2
7:30pm RBT rpt
8:00pm Kalgoorlie Cops
8:30pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
9:00pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
9:30pm 2 Broke Girls
10:00pm Mom
10:30pm Gordon Behind Bars rpt

Wednesday December 3
7:30pm Renters
8:00pm Neighbours at War
8:30pm Movie: Killers rpt
10:30pm Movie: Killng Spree

Thursday December 4
7:30pm Getaway
8:30pm New Tricks
9:40pm Midsomer Murders rpt
11:50pm The Following rpt

Friday December 5
7:30pm Australia’s Funniest Home Videos rpt
8:30pm The Mentalist rpt
9:30pm CSI rpt
19:30pm CSI: NY
11:30pm Golden Boy

Saturday December 6
7:00pm Angelina Unbroken And Exclusive special
7:30pm Movie: The Notebook rpt
10:00pm Movie: Taking Lives rp