Crispy Noodles Crack Chris 

Crispy Noodles Crack Chris  

A jaffle has the power to save a person from the worst hangover of their life. It can also save you from elimination in the MasterChef kitchen.

After winning immunity on Thursday, Favourite Julie was safe on the gantry when Melissa revealed today’s Round 1 winner would save their entire team from elimination. Their weapon? An Aussie kitchen staple, the humble jaffle maker.

From Jenn’s bulgogi, kimchi and rice jaffle to Harry’s big mac mushroom jaffle to Christina’s mac and cheese sans bread jaffle, nine perfectly toasted triangles made it to the shortlist, but it was Minoli’s chicken and potato curry jaffle with tomato chutney that won over Andy, Melissa and Jock’s tastebuds.

In Round 2, the Fans were tasked with bringing the judges a dish that changed their life.

In delivering the verdict, Chris’s Vietnamese crispy noodles, Max’s raspberry tart and Harry’s braised lentils with spiced roast pumpkin were announced as the bottom three, with Harry admitting that not playing her immunity pin could be her biggest regret.

But after failing to change out the burnt oil for his second batch of crispy noodles and on a day where the dish just didn’t come together, Chris was the first contestant eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen. Chris said that it sucked being first, but he had a blast and learnt a lot during his week. 


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