The Man Who Fell To Earth Review

The Man Who Fell To Earth Review
(L-R): Chiwetel Ejiofor as Faraday and Naomie Harris as Justin in THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH. Photo credit: Aimee Spinks/SHOWTIME.

Today, Paramount+ launches its hotly-anticipated series The Man Who Fell To Earth.

When the series opens up, we see a man giving a keynote address before flashing back to when he was dropped to earth.

After being taken into custody for trespassing, naked, the man crosses paths with MIT scientist Justin Falls (Naomie Harris), who now takes care of her ailing father Josiah and illegally procuring painkillers for him, and her daughter Molly (Annelle Olaleye).

The man, Faraday (Chiwetel Ejiofor), has arrived on Earth knowing that Justin can help him, but getting to that point will take some time and he has no idea how to be a human, coming across as unstable.

Without giving too much more away, there’s action when CIA agent Spencer Clay (Jimmi Simpson) catches wind of these strange activities, resulting into a deep dive of the legacy of Thomas Newton (Bill Nighy) and his tech company World Enterprises.

Co-created and often co-written by Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet, The Man Who Fell To Earth has an intriguing premise which feels slightly let down but its opening sequence, but the journey to get to the destination is one full of surprises.

Chiwetel Ejiofor is charming and fun as our resident alien adjust to human life, complimenting Naomie Harris’ sceptical Justin well. 

The Man Who Fell To Earth starts off intriguing and maintains that through the three episodes provided for review. It’s a solid start for your next sci-fi obsession.

4 Stars

The Man Who Fell To Earth premieres today on Paramount+ with new episodes every Monday.


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