LEGO Masters farewells first team

LEGO Masters farewells first team

It’s the first elimination of LEGO Masters Australia, season 4 and it’s action-packed, with two challenging builds. Tonight, one team will win the Titanium Brick, making them safe from the next elimination, while another’s journey will come to an end.

The first challenge has the eight teams building a car of the future, in six hours, but there’s a twist, the cars need to float on a delicately balanced electromagnet. The winner of this challenge picks up an impressive advantage for the elimination build. The second challenge and the build that will send one team home is turning something old into something new using LEGO.

The biggest hurdle the teams have to overcome in the first challenge is balancing the car on the magnet, its delicate and the risk of the cars falling to the ground is high. The teams will have 1 minute to set their vehicle in place before the curtain drops to reveal their car of the future.

Daniel and Kirsti, who have come close to winning previous challenges, are keen to make their mark on the competition. They decide on a retro-futuristic hot rod that has thrusters instead of wheels. The age of the flying and hovering car is well and truly here.

Husband and husband team Trent and Paul design a car for the DINKs. The double-income-no-kid couples, and their dogs. With specially designed adjustable pet-pods their wheelless car of the future is one they would happily buy and fly, it comes in a shade of Miami pastel.

Influencers Andrew and Crystal build a car designed for the ‘Boss-gal-on-the-go’. The Influencer mobile has a wardrobe, drinks and burger bar and is Insta ready for the happiest hash taggers. The self-driving car is perfect for the selfie loving owner and the rear of the car features large wings designed for the picture perfect, taggable snap.

Alex and Caleb are ready to rock. Inspired by Caleb’s love of all things musical, they are building a car that features a mobile recording studio with two giant guitars on the sides. Large speaker stacks and spa pool seats take this car of the future to a place no car has ever been before.

Nick and Gene create a vehicle that’s a little fishy. Taking inspiration from Eastern European design they are creating a luxury, cyber-punk cruiser, with an aquarium and wood panelling. The car is called The Axle Otl.

Henry and Joss go postal with their vehicle. They create a mail delivery van for the future, called Post Apocalypse. According to the brothers, in the future mail will be delivered around the neighbourhood by a supersized mail delivery canon.

Father and Son team, Branko and Max, plan to, literally, head off road in their levitating E.V. It doesn’t stand for electric vehicle but Exploration Vehicle. It’s designed to run on a number of different power sources and is built for the most adventurous explorers of the future.

The future looks bright and sweet for Lexi and Rach. They are creating a happy car for a happy future. Featuring cloud seats, sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, it also includes a never-before-seen feature on a vehicle, a stained-glass front window screen.

Joss and Henry are first up with their futuristic mail van, they struggle to set their build into place and are unable to get it to float. Brickman tells them that he loves their concept and they met the brief. Branko and Max are next with their explore vehicle. As they set their vehicle into place, it smashes into the ground.

Trent and Paul are hoping for better luck and are the first team so far to get their build to float! Nick and Gene follow with their Axle Otl and are also able to get their vehicle to float.

Andrew and Crystal, Alex and Caleb are able to get their builds to float, while Lexi and Rachel, Kirsti and Dan are unable to get their builds to float. However, Brickman believes Kirsti and Dan embodied the challenge the most.

Out of the four teams that were able to get their build to float, the top two teams are called forward, Nick and Gene and Paul and Trent. Brickman awards the car of the future to Nick and Gene. Nick and Gene are safe from elimination heading into the second build, plus they have the power with an advantage.

The second challenge is called old is new, it’s an 11-hour build and the teams are fighting for their survival in the competition. This first elimination episode cranks up the pressure and every team feel it. In the toughest season of LEGO Masters yet, Brickman has been pushing for more, some will rise to the challenge, others will struggle.

Nick and Gene won the previous challenge and have the advantage of deciding which team gets which object. The eight old objects are a piano, a record player, a grandfather clock, a fridge, a spinning wheel, a television set, a sewing machine and a suitcase. Each team has to create something new from their object using LEGO. This challenge takes upcycling to a whole new level.

Throughout the challenge some teams struggle with the clarity of their story, and the question now asked is ‘Would it pass the Delta test?’ In episode 3, Delta Goodrem made a guest appearance and had to guess the name of a song based on the build, the bricks had to tell the story in way that was clear enough for Delta to be able to name the song. The Delta Test has now become the gold standard of LEGO story telling.

Daniel and Kirsti are feeling rundown by failing to float their car, they now feel as though they have something to prove. They have been close to winning on a couple of occasions and they see this challenge as a chance for redemption. Daniel and Kirsti are given a spinning wheel which they turn into a Ferris wheel, but Brickman asks for more, so they create a terrifying ride worthy of any theme park in the world.

Andrew and Crystal are given an old foot pedalled sewing machine which appeals to Crystal’s sense of fashion. It’s similar to a machine she had as a child and she uses her memories of it being loud and scary to create a cautionary tale. Andrew takes on the challenge of building a monster’s head, something he hasn’t done before while Crystal puts her knowledge of couture to good use dressing up headless catwalk models, who are in a fashion show, being destroyed by the sewing machine monster.

Henry and Joss are given an upright piano, it’s the largest object in the collection but as musicians they are happy to receive it. Their concept is to create a duet of life and death on two halves of the piano but as the challenge progresses Joss loses his confidence trying to simplify the idea and struggles to find a solution.

Alex and Caleb are given an old television set which they decide to turn into a movie theatre for mice. Alex turns her hand to building more than 25 mice while Caleb concentrates on the box office and its trimmings.

Nick and Gene have an old record player and they are building a New Orleans inspired Jazz Club. The turntable is transformed into a dance floor and Gene takes on the challenge of trying to get the dancers to counter-rotate as the turntable spins.

Lexi and Rach are given a large suitcase and go with a travel theme. Lexi has been to Japan five times, so they decide to build Japan, in a suitcase. For this challenge Lexi and Rachael switch roles and Rachael takes on the responsibility of building her first character, a snow monkey, sitting in a hot pool. Lexi is building a cherry blossom tree; they hope the gamble of showing they are capable of building different things will keep them out of elimination danger.

Branko and Max who have pet rats at home, are given a fridge and decide to incorporate their pets into this build. They create a world where the fridge has become overrun by rats. They soon realise that filling the fridge with rats and food will take a lot but amongst the time pressure they manage to add some humour into their build.

Paul and Trent are given a Grandfather Clock, the tallest object in the room. They build a monster, that is emerging from the clock, with the ability to adjust time. Like a few of the other teams they struggle at times with the clarity of their story.

It’s time for judging, and first up is Nick and Gene with their underground jazz club. Brickman applauds them for a great story; however, they lack a lot of LEGO.

Joss and Henry follow, both incredibly happy with how their build turned out, Brickman has only one small critique but overall congratulates them on a great technical build. Andrew and Crystal are next with their sewing machine monster, Brickman explains that their story is hard to read. Trent and Paul, Alex and Caleb, Branko and Max all receive positive feedback from Brickman. Lexi and Rach are feeling terrified at the thought of elimination as they don’t have a finish build. Daniel and Kirsti are the final team for judging with their Carnival, Brickman loves their fun build but points at a few faults.

The top two teams are Daniel and Kirsti and Nick and Gene. Nick and Gene take out the challenge and keep the Titanium Brick.

The two bottom teams are Lexi and Rachel and Andrew and Crystal. Lexi and Rachel didn’t communicate their idea strongly enough and Andrew and Crystal’s storytelling was muddled. Unfortunately, Andrew and Crystal are the first team eliminated from the competition.


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