Claudia’s past is a closed book

Bomb Mitch has arrived in the villa and all the girls want to get to know him, especially Maddy. She has had a tough time so far and Mitch is exactly her type.

After a rocky patch when Jason arrived, Jess and Al are back to normal and both admit it would take a lot for their heads to turn.

Jason and Claudia have a chat, they both admit perhaps it wasn’t meant to be and she gives him back a ring he gave her. He gives his blessing to her and Austen’s relationship. Jason feels like there is nothing left for him in the villa. He admits he came all the way from Australia to see if there was something left in his relationship with Claudia. Now she is with Austen and happy, he feels there is nothing more to give.

At the nightly drinks Jason does the toast and shocks everyone announcing he is going to leave the villa immediately. He has a chat with Claudia at the firepit and walks out straight away, without his suitcase. Everyone is shocked at the quick exit.

While sad, Claudia is relieved in a way as she and Austen can now keep going as they were before he came in. Austen is so happy with how things are going with Claudia, he is falling hard.

Mitch and Phoebe have a big flirt as Mitchell looks on. Phoebe is very flirtatious and says Mitch is a real test for her.

A challenge is called and the girls and boys have to strip for each other and their heart rates are measured. Phoebe H turns a lot of the boys on, including her man Jordan. It’s awkward when Phoebe S’s heart rate was raised the most from Mitch, which doesn’t make Mitchell feel great.

The next day, despite continuing to flirt, Phoebe S tells Mitch that she is closed off. It shocks him a bit, but he takes it on the chin. She now has all eyes for Mitchell, who she has been coupled up with since the beginning.

At night Callum gets a text, he is going on a date by the firepit.

As that date walks in, the villa is in shock – it’s Tina Provis, who we all know was Mitch’s girlfriend from last year’s show. The couple won Love Island Australia in 2021. They broke up early this year. Mitch is absolutely gobsmacked.


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