Mitch makes a splash

The drama continues as the fallout between Callum and Claudia’s argument reaches fever pitch.  Claudia is a bit annoyed at Austen for not shutting any of the chatter down, as Callum tried to get to the bottom of Claudia and Jason’s breakup.  Austen talks to the boys and says while he is grateful, he doesn’t want any more said on the issue.

Jess and Al have a serious blow up after Al makes a joke that if his ex entered the villa he would be happy about it and it wouldn’t bother him. Jess doesn’t take this well. However Al thinks since her date with Jason, she has changed.  She is fiery and angry, and Al doesn’t really know how to deal with it. They end up making up. 

In the morning Claudia and Jason are really uncomfortable around each other in the villa, as she continues her love affair with Austen. 

Phoebe S gets a text, she is going on a date with a new boy bomb. That date is with Mitch Hibberd, who won Love Island Australia last year with Tina. The date goes very well. Phoebe admits Mitch will be a real test for her. 

While Phoebe is away, Jordan organises a men’s movement session when the boys all open up with each other. Callum and Mitchell also share a bath.

Mitch arrives in the villa and the boys can’t believe how buffed he is as he gets grafting straight away.  He thinks he can turn the heads of 5 out of the 6 girls, including Phoebe S. 

Phoebe S admits that Mitch is exactly her type.. there could be trouble in paradise.

It is revealed at the end of the episode that Tina, Mitch’s ex, will enter the villa. What an absolute twist.


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