Celebrity Apprentice Australia Season 3 – Episode 2

Last week we said goodbye to Prinnie Stevens. This week, we’re promised more drama, more bitchiness and more…selling. But who won’t make it out with a place in the competition?

The boys begin the day terrified of elimination after witnessing the girls in elimination last week. The girls also debrief. Mr. Bouris welcomes them all to a warehouse where they are told that their client today is Susanna Polycarpou, the brand director at Arnott’s. Tim Tam is about to release an ‘assorted tin’ product and their brief if to set up a fun and vibrant promotion event. They will be judged on originality, creativity and flare.

The winning team will get $40,000 to go towards the PM’s charity. The PM’s for today will be Roxy for the girl’s Supreme team and Peter Berner for the boy’s Fabulous team. Peter lists Jeff as the hardest to work with. It seems to be his first big mistake. They will have 24 hours for the challenge.

Roxy barks ideas at her team while Prue gets shut down for any suggestion she gives. The first major spat for the episode occurs. They all then go searching for props. Jeff and John go looking for the boys and it’s just a comic fest. They argue over a white plinth.

Two hours in and Dawn and Stephanie go to a Tim Tam bus to partake in market research. Dermott and Peter Everett were supposed to go too, but get caught up buying costumes. When Dawn finally calls Peter, it’s too late. Peter wondered what the ‘little wench’ wanted. He tries his hand and asking for the information to be faxed over.

The girls now work on their pamphlet. Roxy makes that Prue’s job. Rob and Peter Berner work on the flyer for the boys as Brian works on a jingle. As that gets settled, Prue, Roxy and Layla go looking for props. Prue wants their affair to be ‘bigger and better’ and suggest extra props to Roxy who does not agree. Cue spat two. This time, Roxy makes Prue cry over the lack of care Roxy is giving her opinion. Prue says it is Roxy’s way or the highway.

Roxy calls her a nasty bit of work behind her back.

Meanwhile, the boy’s flyers have arrived and Peter Everett’s name is the only name not on the flyer. Instead, he gets ‘and others…’ on it. Jeff is annoyed and brings it up later. Peter Berner is apologetic but annoyed Pete didn’t pick it up beforehand. Peter threatens Pete with a boardroom nomination. Everett is calmer about the matter, spraying ‘calming spray’ everywhere.

The teams return to their war rooms and Dane comes to visit the girls where he sense tension. The tension amounts too much again and spat three occurs! Now, Roxy says it’s Prue’s way or the highway. Prue scolds her for using her line.

The next day, the teams go to pick up their leaflets and while the girls laugh at the Everett blunder, they find out Prue, the PR girl, put the wrong date! They find this out less than 2 hours before the event.

They all rock up to the mall and begin setting up. They will be holding their event within 200m of each other. Roxy now tries to get the girls to dump the flyer but they’ve already put it on Twitter. It won’t be the first time that Stephanie Rice has had to delete something off Twitter. Apparently Prue knew about it but couldn’t do anything as the place had closed. Roxy insists she could have done something and Prue should have gone to her.

Prue then goes on the war path, even scalding Layla for taking a phone call.

The crowds begin to form and the teams try to get set up as soon as possible. When all is good to go, Rob and Brian get things started! The girls have a dance troupe helping them out. They’re volunteers and they do well but they STILL don’t escape Roxy’s acid tongue.

While the boys line up their team mates for signings, the girls have Justice Crew and Stacey from Big Brother. Roxy claims it is easy to work with the 20 plus adolescent dancers than it is to work with the girls.

Soon, the day is over and the girls think they’ve done a great job.

It’s now time for the boardroom.

Roxy believes it was hard not working with non-marketers but Mark thinks they are all marketers in their own right. Stephanie calls Roxy ‘forceful’. Dane discusses Prue and Roxy’s conflict. Kym thinks Roxy did an amazing job and says Prue has a big heart. Mark wonders why Prue wasn’t PM, but she says it was because she wanted to see how Roxy performed, however she was disappointed. She wanted Roxy to utilise her more but Roxy brings up that Prue’s one task, to produce the flyer, she failed.

Now to the boys. Peter Berner thinks he was a good PM. He also discusses the mistake with the flyer. Rob admits to stuffing it up. John calls Pete a good listener but a bad delegator. Dermott thought he was great. Dermott admits that being in a team with Peter Berner means he can’t go against him. Jeff thinks that Dermott is here to win too.

The winner is revealed to be…Team Supreme! The girls have won!

The girls head out and the boys spread out. John says it was impossible to ‘get’ Peter Berner’s vision. Rob thinks he’s done a good job, but being Peter’s 2OC, he couldn’t have been as he’s in elimination. John and Peter then continue to argue.

Everyone thinks Peter Berner is the weakest link, but Rob thinks Peter Everett was as he is easily distracted, saying he has ‘ADOS’, Attention Deficit-Oh, Shiny.

Peter is then asked to bring two people back into the room for elimination. He chooses Peter Everett and Jeff Fenech. He chooses the latter because he felt in the last challenge Jeff only raised $625, which was insulting.

In the final briefing, Peter Berner says he would fire Jeff. Jeff would fire Peter Berner. Peter Everett would fire Peter Berner. In the end, the person to be fired is…Peter Berner!

Peter Everett and Jeff Fenech survive and live to fight another day.


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