The Biggest Loser Season 8 – The Makeover Reveal

The Biggest Loser Season 8 – The Makeover Reveal

Last night, the green team were given a makeover thanks to The Fridge. Tonight, we, and the rest of the cast, get to see it!

As all makeovers go, they look pretty different and they both look very good! Then come the emotional speeches before the boys go to see themselves in the mirror for the first time. Then, to cake on the emotion, their family arrives to see their transformation!

The next day, it’s back on with training. Shannan takes his teams to do some squats, which none of them seem happy about. Todd is machining through this! Meanwhile, the Commando takes his teams back into the sand pit. We hear a lot about Richard & Amber’s alliance with the orange team. Commando calls his team ‘wolves’.

As his training session ends, so does Shannan’s who calls Todd a machine after doing 435 squats in 14 minutes.

The contestants then head off for their challenge! They have no idea where they are going.

They enter a warehouse full of treadmills. The treadmills will be set on an incline of 5 and will be going at 3km an hour. Every 10 minutes, they will increase their speed by half a kilometre. All they have to do is walk or run on their treadmill the longest. They’re playing for immunity.

Hayley says they have brought in spectators; however she is referring to cardboard cut outs of their former selves.

They’re going to be wearing vests with the weight they’ve lost since day 1! They all feel different with them on.

After some rises, Brett is first out and he’s devastated. After a while, Janet goes really faint and passes out standing up. She’s out. After just under 50 minutes, Gerald is next to exit. At 50 minutes, Amber is about to drop out. She is soon out despite protests from the Commando and her father. Soon after, Katie falls off the treadmill. Jess is off soon after that as Kirsten also drops.

Mandy is the final grey standing, but she doesn’t last long. Richard, Todd, Sam and Robyn. They’re now up to 6km an hour.

After a while longer, Sam drops off. We’re getting towards the end. Robyn looks ready to go. She does. Now, it’s down to Richard and Todd. Todd puts up a good fight, but Richard is just too good. With that, King Richard and Amber win immunity.

How will it help them in weigh in? Find out Sunday


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