The Voice showdowns 1 &2 live results show

The Voice showdowns 1 &2 live results show

We have seen 16 performances but only 8 will succeed to the live show – who will they be? 

Darren welcomes the judges and tells us that we will also have Will.I.Am performing. Tonight is pretty simple the highest viewer voted contestant will proceed through to the finals with the lowest viewer vote automatically gone. The remaining 2 contestants will sing their audtion songs and it will be up to the coach who goes home.

First up to get their results is Team Seal – Alex Gibson, Hannah Darling, Harrison Craig  and Michelle Martinez.

First through is Harrison with the highest viewer vote while Alex and Michelle will battle it out for Seal’s vote to continue . Hannah Darling is the first casualty of the night. Seal wants her to read the letter she wrote to him but they are live so she can’t. Alex Gibson performs his audition song which is Blackbird. Next Michele Martinez sings Lady Marmalade. Joel says it’s a tough call as they have grown, but would pick Alex due to his voice. Delta and Ricky call them both different but would go with Michelle. Seal says Michelle has gone from backing to lead and Alex has a confidence that needs to be nurtured so Seal decides to take him through to the live shows.

Team Ricky is next – Simon Meli, Imogen Brough, Nick Kingswell and Karen ‘Miss Murphy’ Andrews.

The person with the highest viewer vote is Miss Murphy while Simon and Nick will battle it out. Imogen departs. Simon preforms his audition song which was Rolling On. Nick then preforms I Need A Dollar.

Delta says they are both charismatic and have improved in leaps and bounds and she cant pick. Seal echoes Delta’s sentiments and finds Nick a joy to watch. Ricky says they did everything they needed to and wants to perform with both but goes with Simon tonight, so Nick departs The Voice.

Team Delta is next – Rob Edwards, Jackie Siania, Steve Clisby  and Josh Kyle. The singer with the highest viewer vote is Steve while Jackie will be facing Rob in the sing off. Josh Kyle departs The Voice.

Jackie Siania performs God Help The People by Birdy while Rob performs Seven Nation Army. Ricky calls it really difficult but would go with Jackie. Seal feels Jackie every time she sings. Joel says that Rob commanded the stage and beat the nerves. Delta asks them both to connect with audience and Jackie does that so Rob’s outta here, departing the show. who is a voice coach in the UK preforms his new single

Finally it’s Team Joel – Michael Paynter, Adam Garrett, Danni Hodson  and Kiyomi Viola  get their results. Michael Paynter goes straight through so it’s Adam Garrett vs Kiyomi Viola in the showdown. Danni leaves the show. Adam sings Skinny Love, Kyomi sings 1234.  Delta said both were great but picks kyomi because she wants more. Seal says both are talented but calls Adam special and would go with him. Joel says Adam has the best attitude but wants to do more with Kyomi and takes her through. Adam departs.

Showdowns continue Sunday with the other half of Team Ricky and Seal, at the new time of 7:30.