Blonde Buddies Bungle Their Race Leg.       

Blonde Buddies Bungle Their Race Leg.       

Türkiye’s Alaçati, situated on its turquoise coast was the setting for tonight’s ninth leg of The Amazing Race Australia.

Ever tried to grab an ice cream? Neither had any of the Teams and surprisingly, not as easy as it sounds when the ice cream vendor is a bit of a trickster.

With Angel and Frankie quick on their reflexes, they got a good head start and were onto the Detour to try their hand at driving a sports car on the water.

Nailing the turbo challenge, the pair were on to smash their faces into bowls of sugar to find Turkish Delight.

With Flick and Gabby hot on their heels, it was Angel and Frankie who found Scott Tweedie at the Pit Stop by mere minutes, with Moran and Lilli arriving last and ultimately eliminated from The Race.

On Sunday night, Teams head to Columbia and with two isolating Teams re-joining The Race, tensions will explode.


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