Block shutdowns and tradie trouble

Dylan and Jenny don’t start the day well after being shut down for an hour by Keith after a noise complaint from a neighbour. Jenny tries to dispute it, but Keith is having none of it.

Omar and Oz also are shut down after it is revealed their trades started at 5am, which is against the rules. Trades must start at 7am. Keith feels Omar and Oz are pushing their luck and isn’t happy.

Danny Wallis makes a surprise appearance at the challenge house and The Block. He donates a TV. Omar and Oz take the opportunity to take him up to House No.5 for the hard sell. Danny is famous for buying multiple houses on The Block.

Ankur and Sharon seem to be smiling, which is a great thing, and admit they might be finally starting to become Block-fit.

Landscaper Dave Franklin, who is supervising all the landscaping this year on The Block, is getting very concerned that none of the teams have started landscaping yet. He goes and tells them all.

Australia’s very first 3D house is being printed by a huge 3D printer on The Block. It will become Scotty’s pool cabana and will be a temporary Block Shop. 

Keith visits Omar and Oz again, he is concerned by the number of trades they have gone through. So many plasterers and tilers. The boys seem to sack the trades if they are not happy.


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