Sparks fail to fly on romantic getaway 

Sparks fail to fly on romantic getaway 

A fun-filled camping trip took a turn for the worse for some in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Farmer Ben and 31-year-old hospital administrator Leish raised some eyebrows when they snuck off to a lookout in the early morning. Lauren, the 24-year-old vet nurse, confessed: “Finding out that Ben and Leish had gone on a one-on-one date this morning was a bit of a surprise. I didn’t know it was happening. I’m just gonna see how the next couple of days unfold. You know, if he’s not feeling anything, I’ll go home.”

Meanwhile, Farmer Paige sensed a loss of connection with Dylan: “I think there’s just been something with Dylan where I can’t quite figure out how he feels about me. I think he’s interested. Men are normally quite physical and quite open and so that’s where I’m struggling. I know Dylan is shy. Maybe I need to ask where I stand with him.”

At Will’s farm, 25-year-old legal assistant Madi was left on the sidelines after her farmer held a surprise birthday lunch for 25-year-old dental nurse Jess. “Obviously I love Jess and we get along really well, but then at the same time, it’s also really hard to see them build a connection. It’s very easy to get inside your own head. I feel like there’s just moments that are a little bit more overwhelming, so It is a conversation I need to have with Will,” she said.

Unaware of what host Natalie Gruzlewski had in store, the farmers and partners hit the road to go camping. When Natalie welcomed them with the promise of a major 24-hour date, the partners were beside themselves, while the farmers were left substantially stressed.

Later when the farmers went fishing, Ben’s revelation that he’s “fallen head-over-heels for Leish” left Harry conflicted with his situation: “On one hand, it’s great that he’s feeling this connection with someone straight away but, on the other hand, I don’t know if it’s too early and there’s definitely a bit of this ‘is he in the honeymoon phase?’ going on.”

After chatting to the other farmers earlier, Benjamin’s confession about kissing two of his ladies sparked frustration among those vying for his love. “I guess, just hearing that Benjamin had kissed Lyndsay and Erin tonight, it made me feel like I was not even second-best, like third-best. Yeah, it sucked,” said 29-year-old event planner Hannah.

When Paige took the bull by the horns and asked Dylan: “Do you feel a connection growing or do you think that there is one there?” she wasn’t expecting the response she got. Taken aback when the 29-year-old carpenter said he was “struggling”, Paige turned to her fellow farmers for advice. 

Having dodged a bullet himself, Benjamin told Paige: “Dylan mightneed some time to absorb that but there is the other side of that. If that conversation got shutdown straight after you said, ‘I think I might like you,’ then is it actually worth him being here?”

Disappointed, Paige said: “I’ve gotten to a point where there’s potentially nobody interested in me and I’m not building a connection with anyone


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