Block Break Dance Battle

Scotty and Shelley tour the houses for their weekly walk around and when they get to House 5 they are not sure what they think of Eliza and Liberty’s moss wall.

There is growing tension between Leah and Kristy and Steph, with Leah and Kristy sick of hearing Steph’s constant advice on how to do things.

There is a tough situation that unfolds with Gian and his stonemason, who needs to be inducted with The Block builders Nine In Six but doesn’t have the correct documentation. The stonemason has to install the stone bench on Friday afternoon, and cannot make it on Saturday so he must be inducted. After a few hours of drama, Gian manages to negotiate with Nine In Six to get his stonemason inducted.

Leslie returns from Perth just in time for the break dancing challenge.

Before the challenge at Scotty’s HQ, where each of the couples have to do their best breakdancing routine, Steph gets the all clear from doctors to participate after her fall yesterday.

On the night Eliza and Liberty take out the breakdancing challenge win, another $10,000 in their bank.  Leah and Ash come second, and Steph and Gian are third.The girls won a secret gnome, but can only use it if no one else finds out.

Some eyebrows are raised after Steph appeared to do her whole routine not hampered by any injury at all.

The Blockheads all head to Melbourne pub The Esp to celebrate a fun night, with more than a few drinks each.


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