The Block Moss Wall Arrives

It’s five days until bathroom reveal, or with the case of both Steph and Gian and Kyle and Leslie, powder room reveal.

Leslie leaves The Block for a couple of days to go home to Perth for a wedding and to see her two children.

As with any bathroom week, it’s all about inspections and Keith and Dan are kept busy across Charming St during the all important waterproof Wednesday.

Eliza and Liberty’s moss wall in House 5 arrives and they love it. Although Foreman Dan has a warning to the sisters to get better at project management as their building site is chaos.

House 3’s Kristy and Brett are furious as it appears another builder has stole one of their signature pieces, 1956 Melbourne Olympic styled bricks that were found in the original house on Charmin St. Kristy isn’t having a great week, she crashes her Ford into a bollard at the service station causing quite a bit of damage.

The woes continue for Eliza and Liberty, they get into trouble from Keith and Dan for using power tools after 5pm.  This leads to Eliza saying this is her worst day on The Block.

Both Leah and Ash and Steph and Gian don’t make waterproof Wednesday but both still believe they are on track, just a little behind.

Steph has a dramatic day after she falls into a hole in House No.4 and she is more embarrassed then hurt after getting checked out at the doctors.

Shelley hosts a mini challenge at Freedom, with Liberty taking home another $5000.

The breakdancing rehearsals continue and Steph pushes through, despite being sore from falling earlier in the day.


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