Block Body Corporate turns into chaos.

Block Body Corporate turns into chaos.

The most dramatic night on The Block has arrived.

It’s four days until the basement reveal, but everyone is talking about the photo schedule scandal. Ronnie and Georgia have heard that Tanya has confessed to having the photo supposedly send to her, but they say there is so many holes in the story.

Georgia leaves The Block for a day to film another TV show, and wonders out loud – what will have happened when she returns later?

Mitch and Mark are furious at both Tanya and Vito and Josh and Luke for not coming clean earlier, as their builders were interrogated yesterday by Keith and Dan about who knew the photo existed. The photo of the building and challenge schedule was a huge advantage for anyone who had seen it, as contestants could plan ahead.

Tanya goes around to each of the couples to apologise for her role in the cheating scandal and the photo. Her story now is that a tradie sent her the photo to look at it and then she deleted it. She claims she never took it.

It has a mixed reaction. Mitch and Mark question her, Mark in particular is very tough. Mitch and Mark are furious at Josh and Luke as they haven’t chatted to them about their involvement and apologised too. Ronnie can’t believe Vito didn’t come with her to apologise. Kirsty doesn’t believe Tanya. There are lots of suspicions that she took the picture.

Mitch and Mark continue to bitch about Josh and Luke, saying they haven’t taken The Block seriously all along. This gets back to the boys after Tanya tells them, and Josh and Luke are furious they think their character is being slandered.

Luke is offsite in Geelong buying a life size Iron Man for their basement. He returns, and Josh tells him about Mitch and Mark and how rude they are.  

The boys call a Body Corporate meeting to talk about starting the pool digging earlier, but of course the body corporate becomes more than that.

In the most explosive body corporate in Block history, it’s all on between Mitch and Mark and Josh and Luke. They both exchange insults, swearing, talking loudly. Ronnie and Georgia and Kirsty and Jesse stay in the background, but side with Mitch and Mark.

Vito walks off first he can’t handle the drama, but Tanya stays and says she says she can handle herself.

She utters the line: “Don’t fight with pigs because you get dirty and they love it. This sets Mitch off. The Body Corporate doesn’t end well however its agreed pool digging can start early.

Will they all be able to move on and mend bridges? Perhaps not after all this crazy drama. At the end of the day, Tanya is still claiming she did not take the photo.


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