Jimmy Chooses His Final Two.

Jimmy Chooses His Final Two.

In tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Australia, Holly, Jay, and Brooke were in the pilot’s seat as they each curated a day of unforgettable experiences set to impress.

Holly took charge behind the helm of a boat and picked up her only passenger, Jimmy, for a romantic day on the water. It was all smooth sailing until Holly admitted that she was scared of closing up as the fear of getting hurt set in. Despite her worries, Holly had still taken the plunge and had fallen in love with him.

As Jimmy prepared to meet Jay, doubts continued to arise from home town visits about Jay’s intentions. The news of her previously dating in the public eye had not eased the already existing rumours in Jimmy’s mind. The two ventured out kayaking but despite having fun, Jimmy was eager to clear the air.

First came the adventure, next came the romance as Jay, a closet classical music fiend, organised a private recital by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Then it was air clearing time where Jimmy finally brought up his concerns. Jay was taken aback but admitted she had dated the New Zealand Bachelor. Jay understood that dating another bachelor didn’t bode well, but she passed it off as a big coincidence. Although Jimmy couldn’t deny his feelings for Jay, he was suspicious.

Finally Jimmy met Brooke for their date where she took him to Guide Dogs Australia services. From puppies and pilots, to a poolside rendezvous, Brooke pulled out all stops to impress her Bachelor. 

Jimmy brought up his chat with her brother who revealed she would struggle being independent. Brooke found it hard to hear and admitted that she valued quality time with a partner.  She went on to say that she was falling for Jimmy and they could figure out the logistics of their relationship later down the line.

Sadly we said goodbye to Jay. Tomorrow night, Jimmy will make the toughest decision of his life, choosing between Brooke or Holly to be his co-pilot in love and life.


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