BritBox Fathers Day Picks

BritBox Fathers Day Picks

Is your dad a British TV fan? Well here are some options to keep him entertained this weekend.

1. Line of Duty, seasons 1-6 (Final season exclusive with Britbox)

BritBox is the only place Australians can watch Line of Duty Season 6. High ratings smash hit series that follows a team of detectives in Anti-Corruption Unit 12 (AC-12) as they work on a series of cases within the police force.

2. The Office, seasons 1-2 & Christmas Special

In this iconic award-winning comedy, David Brent is the useless manager at paper merchants in Slough, who runs his office with a mixture of backfiring jokes, failed flirting and bad showing off. Starring Ricky Gervais.

3. Blakes’s 7, seasons 1-4 exclusive to BritBox

A cult classic that smashed television ratings in the 1970s and 1980s, Blake’s 7 remains a fan favourite since its first ever broadcast in 1978 which received more than 10 million views. Fast forward to a time where intergalactic travel is possible and follow freedom fighter Roj Blake, played by Gareth Thomas (Star Maidens, Knights of God).

4. The Goodies, seasons 1, 3 and 4, exclusive to BritBox

Cherished as Britain’s favourite sitcom throughout the 70s and 80s, The Goodies stars comedians Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie, an hilarious trio who influenced many prominent Australian comedians of today.
Together, the tight knit trio are not afraid to do what it takes, no matter the challenge or consequences. Follow the Goodies and their series of unique sketch comedy, ranging from topical and bizarre schemes to slapstick and music performances as they practice their no limits motto “we do anything, anytime, anywhere.”

5. DCI Banks, seasons 1-5

In this gripping crime drama, the tenacious and stubborn Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks investigates chilling murders against the striking backdrop of Yorkshire.

6 Ashes to Ashes, seasons 1-3

Critically acclaimed for its unique fantasy take on the police procedural crime drama genre, that tells the story of a London Metropolitan Police Officer who is shot in 2008 by a man and inexplicably regains consciousness in 1981 opening his eyes to a world of iconic 80’s fashion, music, and muscle cars. 

7 Luther, seasons 1-5

Starring award-winning actor, Idris Elba, plays a brilliant, troubled detective who crosses the line between personal and professional as he investigates the darkest crimes in London. 

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