Biggest Loser farewells memorable contestant

Last night trust was broken and another contestant was sent home on The Biggest Loser.

With the black and blue teams falling below the yellow line, Rina and the blue team’s Ali Pestell nominated themselves for elimination.

While Rina put her hand up for the sake of her team, she desperately wanted to stay in the competition. “My journey has just begun and I have so much to do here before I go back to my three children,” she said. Ali found it difficult to be up for elimination so early in the competition. Also a parent, she wanted to stay at Camp TBL to be a good role model for her young daughter Tilly.

Facing the red and white teams in the elimination room, it was an emotional voting process that saw Rina and Ali receive four votes each.

With a hung vote in place, the contestant whose family had the lowest weight-loss percentage this week had to depart. With a 1.8% total weight loss for the Auvale family, compared with the Pestell familys’ 2.03%, it was Rina’s time to leave the competition.

Rina said: “Coming into TBL Families, I’ve learnt to find myself. I had so much fun, I’ve done things I know I wouldn’t do in a million years.”

Rina is committed to her weight-loss journey outside of the competition. “I have to make Commando proud. He has put so much effort and work into me, that come Finale day I better look bloody damn good,”she said.

On her departure Commando said: “I’m gutted. This girl has just started to grasp the reasons why she is here and now she is gone.”