Foxtel Sets OJ Simpson Specials

Foxtel Sets OJ Simpson Specials

To mark the 20 year anniversary of the OJ Simpson trial Foxtel has a few specials that promise to be intriguing.

The first is a 2-hour special called Secrets  Of the OJ case.

There were two OJs: the handsome, accomplished sports and media star we remember sprinting through airports, and the raging narcissist streetfighter and serial spouse abuser who never took responsibility for any of his actions. And though there were incidents, the media star was able to hold the beast largely at bay – until the early hours of June 13, 1994, when he escaped. Based on exclusive and largely never-before-heard audio recordings of OJ and others involved in the case, this will be the ultimate 20th anniversary (of the verdict) documentary, revealing the closest we may ever get to the truth behind this case.

Co-EP Lawrence Schiller, New York Times bestselling author and close friend and confidante of Robert Kardashian, had unique access to the entire story of the OJ case and trial from the moment OJ reached out to his best friend (Kardashian) to defend him. At the time, Schiller recorded interviews with all the key players on both sides of the case, including extensive candid discussions both with Kardashian and with OJ himself. While Schiller used selections of this material in his best-selling book ‘American Tragedy’, he has kept much of it under wraps, to be revealed exclusively in this unique documentary about the trial of the century.

Notably, he has never before revealed the actual audio recording that OJ recorded without anyone’s knowledge on the personal Dictaphone of Robert Kardashian.

Friday October 2 at 7.30pm on the CI Network.

The following week another special will air called  OJ Speaks: The Hidden Tapes

On the 20th anniversary of the verdict in the OJ Simpson trial, this two-hour documentary provides unprecedented access to Simpson’s civil trial.

When OJ Simpson was found not guilty in the criminal case, the nightmare continued for Fred Goldman. Unwilling to accept the verdict and unrelenting in his pursuit of justice for his son, Goldman set out on an uphill battle to take down OJ.

Although Dan Petrocelli had never argued a wrongful death case, Fred Goldman hired the experienced civil litigator who fully immersed himself on the seemingly unbeatable OJ. Petrocelli, a father himself, simply couldn’t let Fred down. With a strong strategic plan in place, Petrocelli and his team methodically build a trap around OJ, a trap built out of OJ’s own words. Using the exclusive disposition tapes (which have been locked in a warehouse for 20 years) as the spine of the documentary, including hundreds of hours of footage from the preparation to the actual courtroom proceedings, viewers will experience Petrocelli’s brilliant dismantling of Simpson, showing us what it took to finally beat OJ

Friday October 9 at 7.30pm on the CI Network.