Beauty and The Geek selects the final pairings

Beauty and The Geek  selects the final pairings

It’s the day of the last mixer, where Sophie will make the final decision on her matches to ensure each Geek is paired with the right Beauty to help them grow through the matching experience.

The morning opens with a peek into the newest pairings. Tasmanian tarot card reader Aimee is giving black-belt karate master Jayden a yoga lesson. Bookworm Alex and aspiring Prime Minister Sophie are chatting over coffee, and among the original pairings a romance is brewing as Michael visits mermaid Tara with a gift of balloon flowers.  

The next challenge has the Geeks stepping into the unfamiliar world of modelling and high-end fashion. The couples must create their own “look” and pose in front of an international fashion photographer. The couple with the best image will win a date.

With encouragement from Karly, camera-shy Aaron finds new confidence and goes shirtless for the shoot. Jayden brings out his karate moves and impresses Aimee, who cheekily suggests they kiss for the camera. At the tender age of 23, it’s Jayden’s very first kiss and the pair win the challenge and the date.   

Prior to his date, Jayden is hit by a bad attack of nerves. During the date he confesses to Aimee that he was raised to be a gentleman and is worried he may have overstepped the mark by kissing her before he got to know her. Aimee is impressed by his chivalry and they agree to take things slowly from now on. 

The last mixer of the series is a western-themed party where Sophie will make the final pairings. It’s the last chance for the Geeks to deepen a friendship or act on a romantic spark. Batman fanatic Mike is already paired with Daniela, but finds the courage to act on his feelings for another Beauty, Heidi. And as it turns out, Heidi also has a spark for Mike.

Geek Sam is keen to move things forward with his Beauty, Angelique, who shares his unusual sense of humour and is bringing him out of his shell. He opens up to her about his social anxiety and they bond and kiss.

Sophie then locks in her final matches, including the re-pairing of Heidi with Mike, and says all the pairs will now stay together for the duration of the experience.


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