Here They Come, Ready Or Not.

Here They Come, Ready Or Not.

It’s the biggest question of 2022. Team Fugitive or Team Hunter? Unfortunately, Jess and Erina-Lea’s life on the run is over after a heart stopping capture on television’s runaway success, Hunted.

Hot on the trail of Karen and Brittany, an ATM withdrawal attempt by the Fugitives led Team Alpha to canvass the nearby streets of Emerald. Assuming the Hunters were nearby, Karen and Brittany high tailed it out of Emerald with thanks to new associate, bed and breakfast owner Carmel.

Team Alpha interrogated Carmel on the Fugitives’ whereabouts, with Carmel explaining they left with another woman to Melbourne airport in a red 4WD. Convinced Carmel was lying, they requested phone records where historical GPS tracking showed she made a recent trip to Inverloch, where the Hunters believed the Fugitives were now located. Side note: Carmel deserves a Logie for Best New Talent after refusing to take a cash reward from the Chief himself.

Meanwhile, 300kms away in Beechworth, Jess and Erina-Lea continued to lay low at local artist Kay’s house. Jess was on high alert and upon spotting a drone she believed was the Hunters, she legged it into nearby bushland. Erina-Lea eventually followed on foot and brought Jess back to safety after being reassured by the owners that local kids often deploy drones. Little did they know, Team Charlie were on foot nearby canvassing the surrounds of the nearby campsite, convinced they were still in the vicinity.

Their relief was short-lived as Jess and Erina-Lea soon spotted the Ground Hunters and immediately escaped over the back fence. The Hunters had them in their sights and a dramatic chase was on through bushland. Ground Hunter Clancy captured Erina-Lea first, and after a fall into the creek, Jess was also captured.

Back in Melbourne, Derek and Courtney enlisted the help of an Indigenous fashion retailer to send an Instagram post to taunt the Hunters. HQ uncovered known associate, Sianna, and sent Team Delta to her home. A knock on the door from Team Delta sent Derek and Courtney fleeing through the backyard with new friend Tanilla. The Delta team searched the premises, eventually finding a sign from the Fugitives saying, “You’ll catch Covid before you catch us”. A few streets away, the Fugitives narrowly escaped in Tanilla’s car.

With two teams now captured, seven pairs remain on the run.


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