An Original Ramsay Back In Erinsborough

An Original Ramsay Back In Erinsborough

Original Ramsay Street resident Shane Ramsay is back in Erinsborough for the first time in 35 years.

But before our familiar face pops up, David (Takaya Honda) has an important choice to make when Andrew (Lloyd Will) suggests he wear a wire to try and catch out the dodgy guard. Although he knows it’s a risk, David agrees to give if a shot if it means it’ll help get him out of prison and back with his family. Will the risky plan pay off, or is David doomed to meet a deadly end?

Meanwhile, Clive (Geoff Gibbons) is questioned about his connection to Danielle, and when the truth is revealed Jane (Annie Jones) is left shocked by his actions. Could this be the end for the happy couple?

Elsewhere on the returnee front, a worried Harold (Ian Smith) can’t bring himself to face the wedding planning session, which raises Melanie’s (Lucinda Cowden) suspicions. When she confronts him, Harold is forces to admit what he truly thinks about their plan to marry. How will Melanie react to his words?

And Paul (Stefan Dennis) is pleasantly surprised when old friend and neighbour Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien) shows up at Lassiter’s. The original Ramsay Street resident has an intriguing proposition for Paul that could seriously change both of their lives.

Last seen in 1987, Shane is the son of Max and Maria Ramsay and the older brother of Danny. During his original stint in Erinsborough, Shane was pursuing a diving career but before he could make his Olympic dreams a reality, a car crash left him with a back injury that prevented him from diving. He eventually teamed up with Clive to form a gardening service known as R.A.G.G.S – Ramsay and Gibbons Gardening Service. After a dropped manslaughter charge and some hostility with his cousin Henry, Shane left Ramsay Street to travel around Australia.

Even after three decades away from Erinsborough, Shane slots back into the show easily, and fans will love taking a trip down memory lane once Shane and Paul are reunited. Stephanie Carter and Jo Kasch have penned some of Neighbours’ truly iconic moments as we step even closer to the final farewell.

Neighbours airs 6:30pm Monday-Thursday on 10Peach.


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