Beauty and The Geek Says The First Farewell

Beauty and The Geek Says The First Farewell

It’s a new day in the Beauty and the Geek fairytale and after the final re-pairing the night before, our couples are awakening and getting ready for what’s to come. 

Mike gave Heidi a wish for her wish jar at the mixer and now he is worried he’s read the signals wrong. Sophie and Heidi decide to read Mike’s wish: “I wish to take Heidi on her first date.” Heidi feels appreciated. Meanwhile, Angelique and Sam are cooking chicken feet. Angelique shows him the ropes and takes a bite. Sam loves Angelique’s confidence to just be herself. 

The Beauties and Geeks arrive at the Channel 9 studios and hear that their next challenge will be taking over a Today Extra segment. The couples are thrown in the deep end, and when Heidi is lost for words Mike steps in to help her. While Aaron and Karly are up on set, Karly struggles. But Aaron comes to the rescue and they become a dynamic duo. 

Sophie announces that there are two winners of this challenge, and one will win a makeover. The date goes to Karly and Aaron, and the makeover to Mike and Heidi.

Aaron is taking Karly to a wildlife park for their first date. He knows how much she loves animals and is excited to find out that she gets to pat a sugar glider. Karly is speechless and cries. They sit down for a deep chat and Karly talks about how she’s been dulled down in the past for being too loud. Aaron is surprised, because he is gaining a lot of confidence from being around her. 

Mike is about to undergo the first makeover of the season. As an outcast, he has always felt the need to use his beard as a mask, especially as he feels super mediocre. The BATG stylist uses Heidi’s help to cull clothes from Mike’s wardrobe before sending her away for his makeover. When the beard comes off Mike starts to feel sick and terrified. 

However, ready to be a changed man with nothing holding him back anymore, Mike walks out and everyone is in complete disbelief. He sees himself anew for the first time and is in shock. Heidi is amazed by the transformation in his confidence.

Sophie changes the good vibes by announcing it’s time to reveal the bottom two pairs:  Anthony and Tegan, and Nate and Daniella. It’s the first Beauty and the Geek elimination quiz and they are first tested on how well they know the experience. The next round is a physical challenge, dominoes. The final round is how well they know each other. Both couples win a point going into the third round. One more point means the win, and Tegan clinches it for her and Anthony, sending Nate and Daniella home.


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