Third Time’s A Charm, Hunters Nab Elusive Team.  

<strong>Third Time’s A Charm, Hunters Nab Elusive Team. </strong> 

The ultimate game of cat and mouse continued tonight with the Hunters hot on the trail of Indigenous friends Derek and Courtney. But their time on the run came to an end after their friends unwittingly led the Hunters to pounce on the pair at a property north of Melbourne.  

Earlier, the Fugitives had narrowly evaded capture in inner city Brunswick at the home of their friend Sophie. Knowing it was a risk, but with nowhere else to go, Derek and Courtney returned to Sophie’s house for the night. 

Ground Hunter Team Delta arrived at the residence in the morning to question Sophie further but discovered the Fugitives about to make a run for it. A foot chase ensued and Derek and Courtney proved too quick, able to outrun the Hunters to make it to getaway driver Sianna’s car in the nick of time.  

The Fugitives were driven to Sianna’s friends’ home, Jackie and Ray, in Lalor, north of Melbourne.  

Under intense pressure, Derek and Courtney strategised their next move at a nearby park in case the Hunters showed up at Jackie and Ray’s.  

Now aware that Sianna helped them escape, Hunted HQ accessed her phone records showing two calls made to a contact, Jackie. Confident that Jackie was likely harbouring the Fugitives, Team Bravo placed the property under surveillance.   

After being collected from the park, Ray drove the Fugitives around the area on the lookout for suspicious vehicles and when all seemed clear, they returned to the property. The game was up though when Team Bravo pounced and the Fugitives were captured inside the car. Their time on the run was over.  

Proud Whadjuk Noongar man Derek and proud Biripi woman Courtney were philosophical about their capture, happy to have positively represented their community during their adventure.  


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