Bachelorette announces Brother twist

Bachelorette announces Brother twist

Bachelors beware, for there is a wolf in sheep’s clothing among you in the new season of The Bachelorette Australia.

As she continues the quest for her happily ever after, Bachelorette Angie wants to ensure that her potential Prince Charming’s actions and motives are as pure and honest as hers.

And to do that, she has enlisted the help of her very protective brother Brad. His mission: to enter the mansion undercover as one of the “Bachelors” and expose any poison apples from the unsuspecting group.

On Brad’s arrival at the mansion, Angie said: “I want you to go in there and give me any sort of insight. Who would suit me.”

Taking his mission very seriously and determined to help Angie find her one true love, Brad warned: “The boys better watch out what they say to me.”

Brother Brad must navigate the peacocking and boys club antics to uncover what the Bachelors are really like away from Angie, if they are deserving of his sister’s heart and ultimately, an invitation to Christmas dinner.

Roses are red, violets are blue, the undercover brother is watching your every single move.

The Bachelorette Australia is coming soon to 10.