Sunday Night September 22

Sunday Night September 22

This weekend Sunday Night looks at K Pop and retirement.


They’re two of the biggest pop stars on the planet and they’re Australian. Chances are you’ve never heard of Bang Chan and Felix or their band Stray Kids. But they are huge names in that musical juggernaut called K-pop. For the uninitiated, K-pop is short for Korean pop and it became very popular with PSY’s hit Gangnam Style. Nearly 4 billion YouTube views later, the music and the madness has become a global phenomenon. Nowadays, the moves are slicker, the songs catchier and the performers impossibly good looking. Then there are the fans whose devotion is next level. But getting to the top can be brutal. Sunday Night’s Matt Doran sat down with Bang Chan and Felix to find out how they made the journey from Western Sydney to Seoul and on to stardom. And he speaks with a former Australian K-pop singer who opens up about the controversial flip side of the K-pop music machine.

Golden Ticket
You’ve worked hard all your life. Finally, it’s time to put up your feet and enjoy those golden years. It all sounds perfectly blissful…if you can afford it. This Sunday Night, we explore three very different approaches to retirement. You’ll meet the inspiring people who’ve found the recipe for making life work after work. And as Angela Cox discovers, if you’re willing to think outside the box, you may not need truckloads of cash to retire in style.

9pm Sunday on Seven.