Bachelor aims for the stars as he makes his final choice

Bachelor aims for the stars as he makes his final choice

Bachelor Matt’s quest to find a love that’s out of this world, finally came to fruition when he professed his love to chemical engineer Chelsie, on tonight’s finale of The Bachelor Australia.

With the wilds of South Africa as the picturesque backdrop, Matt took his best mates Kate and Jason along for the ride to meet his final two: Abbie, a 23-year-old property analyst from Queensland and Chelsie, a 28-year-old from Victoria.

Excited to be reunited with their friend, Kate and Jason wasted no time in getting down to the business at hand. But when Abbie was revealed as a contender for Matt’s heart, Kate couldn’t hide her emotions nor understand why he didn’t heed her advice the last time they spoke.

Matt met Abbie who freaked out when she realised she would be seeing Kate again. Putting her best foot forward after the introductions, Abbie took the moment to tell his friends that she had told Matt she loved him on their last date. Surprised, Kate immediately pulled Abbie aside for a one-on-one chat.

Not holding back, Kate fired an, “I’m surprised you’re here” at Abbie before really getting down to the tough questions: “What do you think you have in common with Matt?”; “What do you like to do for fun?”; and “What do you see beyond this?”

Disappointed with the answers, Kate made it clear she wouldn’t stand for Matt’s heartbreak.

Enter Chelsie. Immediately put at ease upon meeting Kate and Jason, Chelsie visibly beamed talking about Matt. Whisking her away for a private chat, Jason set about finding out what Chelsie was about.

Admitting she could see herself with Matt, but understanding that there would be hard times, she was ready to go all in. The more Chelsie talked, the more she realised she could get her heart broken. Not wanting to leave anything left unsaid, Chelsie told Jason that she needed to tell Matt that she loved him.

Sitting down to compare notes about both bachelorettes, Kate and Jason were open and honest with Matt. While Kate and Jason raved about Chelsie, it was still Abbie who raised concerns. They thought Abbie would be great in the short term, but probably not in the long term.

Faced with a difficult decision, Matt took each of the ladies on one final date. Admitting she couldn’t wait to pash Matt on arrival, Abbie looked forward to getting a bit more physical, hoping that Matt would finally choose her in the end, to put an end to the longest dry spell in history!

Deciding to ask the tough questions upfront, Matt asked Abbie about how she felt about her interaction with Kate. Knowing his friend was always going to be protective, Matt told Abbie that he would always be the one to make his own decisions.

Wanting to clear the air and get on with enjoying the day, a chopper arrived to take them on a scenic flight around South Africa. Hovering over the remnants of a meteor impact crater, Matt completely nerded out, much to Abbie’s amusement.

Despite enjoying the day, Matt’s mind was still straying to what Kate had said about longevity with Abbie. Settling in for some wine, Matt asked about their future leaving Abbie in tears when she realised how true her feelings where for him and that this could be the last time they saw each other. Telling Matt that she felt she knew where his heart lay, Abbie left their final date on a high.

Arriving to their final date, Matt and Chelsie decided to couple dress. Cute! Heading out on safari, Chelsie realised how important the day was for her to share her true feelings with Matt before it was too late.

Under the setting sun and with some wine, Chelsie finally told Matt she was in love with him. Knowing how hard it was for her to disclose her feelings, Matt reciprocated with a kiss. Overcome with emotions, Chelsie clung onto Matt, knowing that it could possibly be the final moment they share together.

After weeks of dates, drama and doubts, it was time for Matt to make his decision. Chatting with Osher, an emotional Matt teared up describing the situation he found himself in – choosing someone to spend the rest of his life with and breaking someone’s heart.

Abbie, full of confidence and Chelsie, full of self-doubt, made the journey to see who had won Matt’s heart. Despite their passionate physical connection, Matt had to be true to himself, telling Abbie his heart was with someone else. Demanding to know why, Matt explained his decision as best he could, leaving Abbie heartbroken.

Wanting a love that was out of this world, Matt finally found it, right here on Earth, with Chelsie.

To a beaming Chelsie, Matt said: “I’ve never believed in such a thing as the perfect woman until I met you.

“I love how you make me feel and you make me want to believe in fairy tales because when I’m with you I feel like I’m living in one.”

And with that, all of Chelsie’s doubts were put to rest, as he sealed their future with a ring and a kiss.