Australia’s Got Talent awards another ticket to the finals

Australia’s Got Talent awards another ticket to the finals

Another golden ticket was handed out on Australia’s Got Talent last night.

Singer Olina Loau’s powerhouse performance of ‘Never Enough’ from The Greatest Showman received a standing ovation and compelled an emotional Ricki-Lee to award the 15-year-old schoolgirl from Western Sydney her Golden Buzzer.

Olina explained how her mum left when she was nine, with no answers, leaving her dad to fend for the family. It was a hard time financially, so they moved in with her Aunt Helen who has been there for Olina ever since.

Nicole: “That was so beautiful. You remind of like a little Moana up there. You have such a massive voice for only 15. It’s such a difficult song, you did it effortlessly. You should be so proud.”

Lucy: “You have a magnificent voice. You must be such a gift for your family.”

Shane: “It’s such a big sing isn’t it. I mean it starts as a handful of dust and turns into a mountain that song and you just went bang and exploded. That was my favourite bit and everything that happened after it.”

Ricki-Lee: “I just have to say something. You are so amazing. You remind me of me when I was 18. I did this. I auditioned. I stood on a stage like this, but it was nothing, nothing like what you just did.”

Also tonight:

EDDIE WILLIAMS – Strongman Singer

Nicole: “Oh my gosh that was so clever, so unexpected and I just love you.”

Shane: “You are just the best bits of what every man should be because you have strength, but you have heart. You put both of them on display and if men could do that more, I think the world might be a little bit better.”

FUN SIZE CREW – Junior Dance Crew

Nicole: “This is the first group where every single person does flips synchronised.”

Shane: “You guys are a class act at a very young age. Every single one of you was amazing.”

JEREMY READING – Balloon Modeller

Nicole: “I don’t think I’ve ever focussed my ch’i so hard on balloons in my life.”

Shane: “Take that Simon Cowell.”


AKIRA – Comedic Dancer

Nicole: “I just arrived from LA you guys and… this country is a little sick. What have I signed onto?”

Lucy: “I think I just hallucinated but I liked it.”

Shane: “My favourite things on the planet are entertainment and laughter and you just gave us both of those.”

Manu: “I think fart jokes are the best jokes in the world.”


CAPTAIN RUIN – Knife Thrower

Lucy: “That was just absolute skill and it was terrifying and it was the scariest and kind of sexiest thing I’ve seen on this show and it was incredible.”

Shane: “That was absolute lunacy. I haven’t gotten all my breath back yet.”