Another Champion Bites The Dust

Another Champion Bites The Dust

After last night’s blindside that saw Nova Peris sent home, the Champions are down to only nine players. But the vibe in camp is happy, even after Ross took over ‘Nova’s Kitchen’, burning the rice and cooking his shoes.

Over at the Contenders Tribe, Shaun found a hidden Immunity Idol while he and Daisy were at the well. However, all was not as it seemed as Shaun discovered the Idol could only be played by a Champion. Weighing up his options, Shaun knew this play would make or break his game and had to decide whether he approach a Champion and who that should be.

Meanwhile, Janine took David aside to reveal that she found the Contenders Idol and needs his help to find someone on the Contender tribe to make the swap.

At the Reward Challenge, both tribes had to field a team of three people to race through the water and gain possession of a ball. Once in possession, they then had to pass the ball to a fourth team member, standing on a raised platform and kick it into a goal. The first tribe to five goals would win their team a trip to the Survivor Fish and Chip shack.

During the challenge, David and Shaun discreetly spoke to each other about having Idols and made a plan to bring them to the Immunity Challenge and make an exchange.

It was the Champions time to shine in this challenge, scoring the first three points with ease. In the final round, Shaun got to the ball first and managed to hold off a tackle by Luke and throw a long ball to John who fell from his platform trying to catch it. ET recovered the ball and threw it to Abbey who kicked the winning goal, securing the reward for the Champs.

Arriving at the Fish and Chip shack, David picks up an “Island Newspaper” in the corner that featured pictures and headlines of significant moments and greatest achievements in the Champions’ lives.

That night on the Champion beach, it’s revealed that Janine doesn’t want to swap her Idol, so David came up with a plan to make a fake Idol and swap that with Shaun.

At the Immunity Challenge, the tribes had to race through an obstacle course and build a block puzzle and knock it down by throwing sand bags at it. Before the challenge started, David and Shaun secretly swapped Idols without any of their tribe mates noticing.

It was neck and neck throughout the whole challenge but in the end, Andy hit the last puzzle piece, winning it for the Contenders and sending the Champions to Tribal Council for the third time in a row.

When the Champions returned to their beach, David was especially cocky knowing he has an Idol but this arrogance got ET and Simon offside and they plotted a blindside against David’s alliance.

At Tribal Council, David, Pia, Luke, Abbey and Janine were still unsure how they were going to vote, worried that Steven may have an Idol. They spent most of the council whispering to one another about what they should do but in the end, Pia told them all to vote Steven, sending him home.

Having been sent to Tribal Council three nights in a row, the Champs are in desperate need of leadership and teamwork if they’re going to make it to the end.