Australian Survivor Has Its First Jury Member.

Australian Survivor Has Its First Jury Member.

Who joined Baden at Redemption Rock? Read on and find out who else exited the game.

At the Immunity Challenge, it was revealed that Chelsea was undergoing medical treatment and wouldn’t return in time for Tribal Council.

The challenge involved navigating a wobbly beam and stacking small blocks to spell Immunity. Dani and Andrew were strong contenders, but neither could keep up with Emmett, who won the challenge and received the Individual Immunity necklace… for the third time in a row!

At Tribal Council, Hayley not only doubled down on George’s lack of trust but went even further to reveal that Kez gave Flick her Idol. George denied the accusation. Ultimately, whether the Castaways believed George or not, they stuck together, and Hayley was voted off on a landslide.

But her game was not over. She was headed to Redemption Rock.

The next morning, the Tribe received some bad news; Chelsea would not be returning to the game. While the whole Tribe were deflated by the news, Dani was devastated at losing her closest ally in the game.

Arriving at the next challenge, George was confronted by his worst nightmare: Hayley and Baden were back.

Hayley and Baden’s duel was a simple test of pain and endurance. Holding onto a pole suspended over water, the first to fall would be eliminated and the winner would take their place back in the game. Although the Tribe were backing Baden, after twenty gruelling minutes, he dropped into the water, leaving Hayley to take her place back in the Tribe. But it wasn’t all bad news for Baden, as he was named the first member of the Jury.


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