An emotional night on The Voice brings tears of triumph

An emotional night on The Voice brings tears of triumph

Emotions ran high tonight on The Voice, with another night of unbelievable Blind Auditions leaving the coaches in shock and awe. 

Artist: Seann Miley Moore, 30, NSW

Song: The Prayer (Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion)  

Chair turns: Four 

Team: Jess

Seann, who was heavily teased when he was young, found escape in music and aspires to be LBGTQI+ role model. His vulnerable and powerful performance left the coaches stunned. Rita, who was blocked by Jess, recognised Seann from a previous audition for The X Factor and agreed the incredible and unique star was worth a block. 

Guy: “I love your voice… I didn’t turn around because of the exterior, I turned around because of what was coming from the interior… and I felt that deep connection to music.”

Keith: “You’ve got a beautiful voice no question about that, but it was what I felt in your voice when you sang, that’s why I turned around.”

Artist: Rebecca O’Connor, 45, WA

Song: Proud Mary (Tina Tuner)

Chair turns: Two (Rita and Jess)

Coach: Rita 

Rebecca has been impersonating Tina Turner for over 20 years, revealing: “I grew up in

Ireland and I was the only black, coloured girl in the village basically and when I saw her [Tina] on the television I went ‘Oh my god mum she looks a bit like me!’” Her performance, and story struck an emotional chord with Rita, leaving the superstar coach in tears as she pitched for Rebecca to join her team. 

Rita: “I moved to the UK when I was one, and like you just said I was not the ‘normal’ looking girl in my neighbourhood. As soon as I heard Tina, I’m going to start crying because she for me is like my biggest, biggest idol in the world for so many reasons… I can’t speak I’m so emotional… Not only do I see you going all the way, but I feel like finding you as an artist is going to be beautiful to watch… my heart is in this one.”

Artist: Milina Mihic, 17 NSW

Song:  Castles (Freya Ridings)

Chair turns: Four

Team: Rita  

Although Milina started singing at just four, nerves were a major concern when she stepped onto The Voice stage. Milina’s emotion and excitement endeared her to all four coaches, who wanted the talented teen on their team. 

Guy: “The reason I turned is you’ve got a now voice.”

Jess: “I’m so excited because you are completely raw.”

Artist: Saraya Mauboy-Hudson, 17, NT

SongStay (Rhianna feat. Mikky Ekko)

Chair turns: Four

Team: Rita 

When Saraya originally decided to audition for The Voice, she had no idea Jessica (her aunt) was going to be a coach. All four coaches turned their chairs for Saraya’s ethereal vocals, but Jessica’s shock and surprise when she saw her young niece on stage left her in tears.

Guy: “That was stunning… you’re spectacular. I was shocked. You sung that with such maturity and emotion.”

Rita: “Your control was insane, it really felt so natural for you… obviously, it runs in the family but it’s so nice to be able to step in your own shoes and have your own moment.”

Jess: “I’m so happy that she chose Rita, I know that you will take great care of her and give her the advice that she needs and the tough love that she needs.”

Artist: Zeke Cameron, 19, NSW

Song: Let You Love Me (Rita Ora)

Chair turns: Two (Rita and Jess)

Team: Rita 

Zeke described himself as laidback, but admitted it was nerve-wracking singing Rita’s own song. The risk ended with reward as Rita and Jess both passionately pitched to mentor him.

Rita: “Thank you for singing my song… I turned around because you’ve got an exceptional tone.”

Jess: “You really infused yourself into the song and you made it your own”

Artist: Brodie Pollard, 13 QLD 

Song: There’s Nothin’ Holding Me Back (Shawn Mendes)

Chair turns: None

Brodie’s mum used to perform with Keith at country music festivals when she was younger.   He entered The Voice after singing at school, and while he, unfortunately, didn’t turn chairs, his dancing skills impressed, giving the coaches an impromptu cha-cha lesson. 

Artist: Rory Eliza, 19 NSW 

Song:  Dance Monkey (Tones & I)

Chair turns: None

Rory was hoping to go from TikTok sensation to singing sensation but unfortunately didn’t turn any chairs. 

Keith: “That song is deceptive… that’s a challenging song rhythmically and that could be something you could definitely work on.” 


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