Adam and Symon return to the Gogglebox couch

Adam and Symon return to the Gogglebox couch

Fan favourites Adam and Symon are set to get comfy once again on their couch, as they return to this season of Gogglebox Australia. As ‘originals’ who appeared for the first ten seasons over five years, Adam and Symon return to the four-time TV WEEK Logie and AACTA award winning show Gogglebox Australia next month.

Best mates and larrikins, Adam and Symon met on a university pub crawl as students. All these years later, they still share similar interests, with careers as physiotherapists who are die-hard AFL armchair fans with a vast collection of colourful socks. Adam who recently got married and mate Symon are ready once again to get acquainted with the latest and greatest our television screens have to offer.

“We’ve spent so much time on the couch in the last year, we thought it was only natural to come back to Gogglebox!” said Adam and Symon unanimously. 

The 14th series sees most of Australia’s favourite households back on the couch ready to share their thoughts, feelings and often hilarious opinions and reactions of what’s on our television screens.

Reflecting the sign of the times and the immediacy of Gogglebox, two of the Gogglebox families residing in Sydney’s hotspots, the Delpechitra and the Elias families, will sadly sit out this season, the first time for the Delpechitra family as one of the original Gogglebox households. 

The Silbery family– mother and daughter, Emmie and Kerry will sit on their own couch in their own home for the first time, joined by third generation Isabelle zooming in from their usual couch, for the safety of Gogglebox’s beloved 93-year-old Emmie.

Sarah Marie, Matty and their almost two-year-old son Malik, will zoom in with best mate and ‘uncle’ Jad and frontline worker/nurse Kaday will settle on her couch with best friend Chantel zooming in.

Ready to return to their lounges once again are five of the six original households, including dealers of indigenous art Mick and Di who just celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary,  happily married couple and grandparents Lee and Keith,Greek best friends Anastasia and Faye and tight knit family of four The Daltons.

Also returning brother and sister foodies Tim and Leanne and flatmates and surfing mates Milo and Nic.

Brian Walsh, FOXTEL’s Executive Director of Television, said: “I think, more than ever, Australia is ready for a new season of Gogglebox. It’s the one show on television which pulls no punches and tells it like it is. As we all navigate our way through these challenging times, our wonderful Gogglebox households are bound to give us some television moments to remember. 

We are especially delighted to welcome back to the couch, Adam and Symon, cameo guests for the upcoming season. They are a fan favourite and are always welcome back to the series.”

Gogglebox Australia returns Wednesdays at 7.30pm from September 8. Watch on LifeStyle and On Demand and on 10 the following day Thursday, September 9


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