Amazon to premiere Kevin Can F**k Himself later this month

Amazon to premiere Kevin Can F**k Himself later this month

Amazon will premiere Kevin Can F**k Himself next week.

Kevin Can F**K Himself follows the story of Allison McRoberts (played by Emmy Award-winning actress Annie Murphy),a woman we all grew up believing we knew: the prototypical Sitcom Wife. She’s beautiful and can take a joke even if it is directed at her, and she’s married to a guy who must have won a marriage lottery. We follow her as she finally wakes up to and revolts against the injustices in her life. Kevin Can F**K Himself breaks convention and blends multi-camera comedy with single-camera realism to make us ask, who and what have we been laughing at all of these years?

Kevin Can F**k Himself also stars Mary Hollis Inboden as Patty O’Connor, Allison’s tough, glass-half-empty neighbor who hides an intelligence and dissatisfaction that bonds her to Allison; Eric Petersen as the protagonist husband Kevin McRoberts, Allison’s husky and “lovable” man-child; Alex Bonifer as Neil O’Connor, the football-loving, beer-swilling, dim-bulb best friend of Kevin; Brian Howe as Pete McRoberts, Kevin’s father with a regressive sense of humor; and Raymond Lee as Sam Park, a clean cut, former Worcesterite who has history with Allison



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