Australian Gangster First Look

Australian Gangster First Look

It’s been in the works for a while but if the trailer for Australian Gangster is anything to go by its worth the wait.

Inspired by true events, Australian Gangster is a fast, punchy and often funny rush through Sydney’s world of crime and gangland wars, told through the signature lens of writer/director Gregor Jordan (Two Hands, Ned Kelly, Dirt Music).

Growing up in an organised crime family, Pasquale “Pas” Barbaro (Alexander Bertrand) never had a shot at anything resembling a normal life. He is released from jail, but not before making an enemy of fellow inmate and Brothers For Life member, Mohammed “Little Crazy” Hamzy (Rahel Romahn). 

A newly freed Barbaro is not concerned about playing it safe or hiding in the shadows. He is, however, concerned about looking good on Instagram.

Coming soon to Seven and , the story of Pas and his cohorts reflects the modern criminal world. “They are all about flaunting their wealth and their physical appearance to try and create an image of themselves that they can project to the world,” says director Gregor Jordan. “They represent a modern and interesting twist on the gangster genre.” 

Australian Gangster is a Roadshow Rough Diamond production for the Seven Network. Produced by John Edwards and Daniel Edwards and Seven head of drama Julie McGauran, it was written and directed by Gregor Jordan and directed by Fadia Abboud.

Australian Gangster

Coming soon to Channel 7 and 7plus


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