The Voice kicks off with some killer performances

The Voice kicks off with some killer performances

The new era of The Voice is finally here! 

All-killer, no-filler from the get go, season 10 of the world’s biggest singing competition rocketed from the blocks with a superstar performance from none other than Keith Urban, Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy putting an epic spin on Tones and I’s smash hit Fly Away.

Once the tone was setting for a blockbuster Blind Auditions, phenomenal performances, tears and triumph came in droves, with one artist so incredible Guy busted out the block button against Jess.

Taking to the Voice stage on night one were Bella Taylor Smith, Sofia Watt, Olivia Vasquez, Drew Walker, Byron Garn, Darren Constable and Joey Chan.

Artist: Bella Taylor Smith, 23, NSW

Song: Ave Maria (Beyonce)

Chair turns: Four

Team: Guy  

Bella’s emotional performance left the coaches mesmerised, and charged up Guy’s competitive spirit as he used one of only two allocated blocks against Jess, meaning Bella could not join her team. 

Bella acknowledged she never knew why she could sing, or what she was going to do with her voice until she started going to church. Bella’s spiritual audition moved Guy to tears as he reassured her it is ok to put her gift into the world.  

Guy: “I can see that humility; I can see that love for your gift and it is beautiful. There’s no ego in it.”

Keith: “There are things that you’ve been through and I don’t even know what they are yet, but I could hear them, and I could definitely feel them. Beautiful.”

Rita: “I will never, probably ever, forget this audition. Honestly that was a truly amazing performance.”

Jess was sceptical when Guy promised he wouldn’t block her again, but with the competition this strong, revenge might prove the best strategy.

Artist: Sofia Watt, 15, WA

Song: It’s a Man’s World (James Brown)  

Chair turns: Four

Team: Rita

Blown away by Sofia’s raw talent and huge voice at such a tender age, all the coaches vied to be her mentor, with Rita revealing she was given her first music deal at 15, but it fell through.  

Rita: “You are going to get a lot of yeses and noes and that’s just the reality, but, the strength that I can hear in your vocal ability, no-one can knock that. Together we are going to win.”

Artist: Olivia Vasquez, 25, NSW

Song: Sorry, Not Sorry (Demi Lovato)

Chair turns: Four


Plus size model Olivia’s confidence and energy had Rita and Jess feeling the vibes and on their feet dancing.

Guy: “Beyond the vocal ability you radiated joy.”

Jess: “You were giving me goose bumps.”

Artist: Drew Walker, 22, VIC  

Song: Down Under (Men at Work)

Chair turns: Four  

Team: Keith

Drew’s stripped back piano rendition of the Australian classic had the coaches in awe.

Guy: “You showed what people can do in 90 seconds. That’s how an audition should go… well done for taking a risk because that’s what stands out on a stage like The Voice.”

Artist: Byron Garn, 18, NSW

Song: Before You Go (Lewis Capaldi)

Chair turns: Three (Guy, Jess and Rita)

Team: Guy

The apprentice plumber had only sung for friends, workmates and in the shower before taking to The Voice stage – but he had the pipes to impress the coaches – leading to a redhot stand-off between Jess and Guy pitching their coaching abilities.

Guy: “He needs a bit of polishing, but he might just surprise people. We are after authenticity, not perfection.”

Artist: Darren Constable, 52, VIC

Song: Fortunate Son (Credence Clearwater Revival)

Chair turns: Two (Guy and Keith)

Team: Keith

Darren’s stage experience and rock style impressed the coaches, leaving Keith reminiscing about how he cut his teeth learning how to enthral audiences in Aussie pubs.  

Keith: “It’s so nice to hear someone up on stage just pub rocking it out Aussie style.”

Artist: Joey Chan,55, NSW

Song:  Let’s Get Loud (Jennifer Lopez)

Chair turns: None

Joey didn’t turn any chairs, but her infectious personality and energy won the heart of the coaches. Guy requested an encore so they could actually see Joey’s performance; inspiring Jess, Rita and Guy to jump on stage and dance with her.

Rita: “You have the most vibrant, positive outlook… we all needed this. Thank you.”


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