Tense Tribal Sees Alliance Stay Strong

Tense Tribal Sees Alliance Stay Strong

A big episode of Survivor saw a return but for how long would it last?

At Brains, the majority alliance of Emmett, Gerald, Kez, Cara and George tried to vote out Laura. However, because of the twist at Tuesday night’s Tribal Council, she survived and was back in camp. While thrilled to still be in the game, she knew she was firmly on the bottom with Rachel and in a super vulnerable position.

The Reward Challenge was a turbo charged Outback version of a weighted squat press. Simon and Emmett battled it out as the final two standing, until Simon bucked under the 100kg weight, leaving Emmett score a Mexican feast complete with tacos and margaritas, for his hangry Tribe.

Cleared to return to the game after medical tests, Georgia was back with a renewed vigor, just in time to enjoy the Reward. While everyone was happy to see her on the mend, for Cara, it meant her fears became a reality.

Brawn once again dominated the Immunity Challenge which involved pushing a weighted cart through a treacherous course, covered with bulldust. Simon nailed the challenge and avoided another Brawn date with Tribal Council.

At a tense Tribal Council, Kez admitted she was sitting on the fence for her vote, and was open to anything. After Emmett made a final plea to Kez not to flip, she stayed strong, seeing Georgia voted off with five votes, to Cara’s three.


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