After The Night Gets Chilling Trailer and November release date

After The Night Gets Chilling  Trailer and November release date

 Stan today released the eye-opening trailer for the new four-part Australian true crime Stan Original Documentary Series After The Night and confirmed it will premiere later this month.

Created and directed by Perth-born Thomas Meadmore, the new series delves into the unbelievable true story about one of Australia’s deadliest serial killers Eric Edgar Cooke, known as ‘The Night Caller,’ who terrorised and destroyed a local Australian community, murdering eight people and assaulting and attempting to kill many, many more.

In the early 1960s, Perth was a sunny, peaceful and innocent city, suddenly devastated by a spate of horrific, disparate, seemingly senseless killings, which local police failed to connect and attribute to one man until it was far too late.

The series explores the killer’s harrowing legacy of tragedy, grief, responsibility and redemption – as seen through the eyes of a filmmaker returning to his childhood home, Perth, and spending time with those closest to the killer and his victims, whose lives he altered irrevocably.

With unprecedented access to the killer’s wife and the two men wrongly convicted of his crimes, this is a series about the devastating aftermath of serial murder, and how his victims have come together through grief and injustice in the pursuit of closure and redemption.

Thomas Meadmore, creator and director, says: “Growing up, mum’s tale of the man who randomly knocked on the neighbours’ door in the night and shot the person who answered terrified me. It’s been an incredible experience exploring his heinous crimes and the lasting impact they’ve had on the entire Perth community. This is a story that needed to be told and you won’t want to miss it.”

The Stan Original Documentary Series After the Night is created and directed by Thomas Meadmore, the acclaimed Australian filmmaker behind the documentaries The Spy Who Fell to EarthThe Outsider and How to Lose Jobs & Alienate Girlfriends. It’s also produced by BAFTA- nominated Salon Pictures (ChurchillMcQueen) and EQ Media Group (Body HackUncharted with Sam Neill, Koala Rescue, Rhys Darby: Big in Japan), with support from Screen Australia.

Stan Original Documentary series After The Night  premieres 29 November only on Stan – all episodes at once