A test of Determination sends two SAS Australia recruits home

A test of Determination sends two SAS Australia recruits home

In last night’s test of DETERMINATION, the SAS Australia star recruits had to:

  • Fully submerge themselves in 1°C water and swim through a tunnel under ice before emerging and maintaining composure while answering questions
  • Trek 10km across mountainous, snow covered terrain pulling a 40kg pulk (gear sled)


For the first time, recruits travelled deep into the snow-capped mountains where they faced an intense under ice submerge task and a gruelling, 3hr+ pulk pull.

Honey Badger Nick Cummins learned fast how to respond when asked who the best looking man is (that’s Ant Middleton FYI).

#7 Erin McNaught struggled hard throughout the day, describing the pulk pull as the “most f*cked up thing” she’s ever done in her life.

The DS expressed concerns about Erin (“looks fragile”), Candice Warner (“not pushing herself, she’s flatlining”) and Firass Dirani (“he consumes all of his energy being a twat”).

The time came for the DS to weed out the weak, telling recruits they’d be cutting two of them from the course. Culling isn’t personal. As Chief Instructor Ant Middleton said “Would I have this person standing next to me in a war zone?” They will not take the weak forward. If you don’t fit the mould, you’re gone!

#11 Firass was first to be cut. Catching up afterwards, Ant told him that they’re very similar and it had “been an absolute pleasure”. A “super energised” Firass bowed out of the compound singing “God almighty I’m free at last!”

#2 Candice was also culled with Ant telling her “You’ve shown weakness in certain areas, we can’t afford that”. In a phone call to husband David she said “Realistically today was my limit, it was tough. You would be so surprised at some of the stuff I’ve done, it’s been unbelievable. Even though I’m upset, I’m kind of relieved it’s over.”

Seven recruits remain: