7 Becomes 6 as the Race continues

7 Becomes 6 as the Race continues

Tonight marked the end of the Race for Queensland Sisters Hayley and Mikayla, who failed to make up time after a major setback on The Amazing Race Australia.

In tonight’s episode, our seven remaining teams continued to race through the vast and beautiful empire of Mongolia.

In a sandsational effort, the teams battled the elements, digging through the sand dunes by hand, under the hot rising sun, desperately trying to find their first clue of the day.

With temperatures rising and fatigue taking over, things started to get out of sand for Sisters Hayley and Mikayla and Nurses Nick and Femi. After four hours of digging, they had reached the time limit and as a result were penalised by being held back for two hours at the Pit Stop before they could check in.

Once the teams found their clue, they set off to a remote training ground where they had to learn and perform a song to introduce a traditional Mongolian wrestler.

After successfully performing the song, it was time for a Detour where teams had to choose, to either Dance or Deliver. Contestants had to choose between learning an intricate Mongolian folk dance and perform it on stage in front of an audience. Or, they could navigate the 40,000 square metre Narantuul Market, and deliver items to local stallholders.

While most chose to Dance, it turned out to be much more complex than it looked, forcing Newlyweds Tim and Rod to rely on their inner Britney and Christina to get the job done. And who would have thought Footy Mates Tom and Tyler had such smooth moves?

From there, it was a Race to the final Pit Stop at Chingisiin Huree camp, via the world’s worst traffic jam. Influencers Sid and Ash were the first team to check in, followed by Tim and Rod, then Deadly Duo Jasmin and Jerome.

Femi and Nick were the fifth team to arrive but because of their earlier penalty, had to wait two hours before they could check in. But as always with Nick and Femi, luck was on their side and they managed to scrape through and check in as the sixth team.

But for poor Hayley and Mikayla, they just couldn’t recover from their late start that morning and were the last team to check in and therefore eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.