Angie Chooses Her Final Two

Angie Chooses Her Final Two

With the epic finale looming, Angie had an opportunity to strengthen her feelings as she spent some alone time with the final three bachelors Timm, Ryan and Carlin on tonight’s penultimate episode of The Bachelorette Australia.

After seeing Angie at his hometown, Timm was 100 percent sure that he wanted to be with her. Angie was excited to spend the day with Timm and wanted to find out whether the pair could be the real deal long-term.

Travelling in a bright, sunflower-coloured trike, Angie and Timm zoomed off for a day full of laughs. Angie saw a future with him but wondered how realistic it was. Sharing their love for the same flower and getting creative, Angie and Timm painted a sunflower-themed mural.

Timm told Angie that he saw attributes in her that would make for the perfect mother of his future children, and Angie revealed that Timm was her biggest gamble. Timm reminded her that every relationship is a gamble and he would do everything he could, to make it work.

A new day saw Angie keen to see if there was more between her and Ryan then just animal attraction. Pun intended.

Getting amongst mother nature, they were excited to see whales and dolphins dipping in and out of the water, before Angie started to get seasick.

With two feet firmly on dry land, Angie wanted to know what doubts Ryan had about their relationship and without hesitation, he had none.

His expectations versus reality of her had been on par, and he thought she was beautiful both inside and out. Angie knew they have had a connection from the very beginning and felt that everything was falling into place, but she questioned if Ryan had the little bit of crazy that she needs in a partner.

Putting his heart on the line, Ryan ended the date by telling her he was falling in love with her.

After an intense and tearful end to hometowns, Angie needed clarity over her doubts about Carlin.

Still confused as to why Carlin chose to omit that he has been an actor and a model, Angie wanted answers. He explained that he thought mentioning it may have pushed her away, and now hoped that she had no doubt about him.

Heading into the rose ceremony, Angie was still unsure who she would pick as she felt she had fallen in love with pieces of each of them.

As she called Carlin’s name, the pressure of her looming decision saw her leave the rose ceremony, overcome with emotion.  Trusting her gut, Angie walked back in to deliver the second and final name, Timm.

After accepting the rose, Timm stayed to hug and comfort her. Angie sobbed as Osher asked Ryan to say goodbye.

Walking Ryan out to the waiting limo Angie felt awful, explaining that he deserved someone who knew right from the beginning that he was the one. Ryan comforted her and reminded her that no matter what, he thought the world of her and wished her every happiness.

Leaving the mansion a single man, Ryan said: “I’m still kind of trying to wrap my head around what just happened. I still feel like she’s my dream girl. I feel heartbroken”.

As the limo exited the driveway, Angie sobbed: “That was the wrong decision. It felt awful.”