Camels cause Chaos as the Race continues

Camels cause Chaos as the Race continues

it was a sad end to the Race for South Australian Alpaca Farmer and Firie, Chris and Adrienne, after Chris suffered a bad fall from a camel and was unable to continue in The Amazing Race Australia.

In the fifth leg of the race, our eight remaining teams set off to Mongolia, the land of nomads.

Once there, teams had to make their way to the top of Zaisan Memorial Hill in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar. Sitting atop an agonising 300 steps into the high altitude air was their next clue, directing them to the Gandan Monastery, home to Buddhist monks. Unfortunately for Mighty Siblings Viv and Joey, measuring in at four-foot-five-inches and five-foot-two-inches respectively, the clue was sitting well above their eye level.

Once each team arrived at the Monastery, they had to spin and count 287 prayer wheels before presenting their guess to the monk in charge, in order to receive their next clue.

Deadly Duo Jasmin and Jerome were the first team to guess correctly, followed by Footy Mates Tom and Tyler. A visually frustrated Chris and Adrienne were feeling the pressure as they couldn’t land on the right number and watched all the other teams overtake them. On their way out, an alliance was formed as Tom and Tyler slipped Sisters Hayley and Mikayla the correct number. And as Hayley pointed out, it wasn’t the first time the Footy Mates had given their number out!

From there, it was a race to the sand dunes of Mongol Els, on the very edge of the vast Gobi desert. Waiting for them was a welcoming ritual from a traditional nomad family – a refreshing bowl of fermented horse milk. While many of the contestants struggled to get it down (we’re looking at you, Jasmin), they had to drink the entire bowl before receiving their Detour, where teams had to choose between milking or herding goats.

The race for the Pit Stop in the dunes took a different turn, as teams had to master the grumpiest of animals – the desert camel. One member of each team had to ride the camel while the other navigated their way to the Pit Stop with a compass.

This was no easy feat for poor Nick and Femi who set off in the completely wrong direction. Jasmin and Jerome were first to check in with host Beau Ryan, followed by Tom and Tyler, then Nick and Femi (who luckily worked out which way North was).

As the remaining teams made their way to the Pit Stop, Alpaca Farmer Chris suffered a fall from his camel and as a result, both Chris and Adrienne were unable to check in at the Pit Stop and were therefore eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.


Adrienne said: “It’s so sad to end like this. We did hope we could stay in the race longer because we were enjoying it so much but it wasn’t to be”.

Chris added: “Fancy our exit being caused by a camel!”